Craddock in interview: Wolves the fittest team I’ve played for

Jody Craddock has been very consistant defensively since he returned among the first eleven in Wolves. But that’s not what has caught everybody’s eye. He has scored three times in two matches. Something very unusual for a centre-back. Here’s what he said in an interview by Givemefootball’s Ian Clarkson.

About the squad and the level of fitness

We have a better squad than the last time we were in the Premier League. It’s bigger, has more quality and is younger and fitter than before. We are one of the fittest teams I have seen and undoubtedly the fittest team I have ever played in. We have got an excellent fitness coach in Tony Daley and the squad has got a lot of energy. I am feeling as fit as I have ever done but it doesn’t get any easier. It’s harder the older you get and that’s why the sessions with Tony are a necessary evil.

I have always looked after myself fitness wise so it isn’t a problem but his sessions are very hard. If you have been off for a couple of weeks through injury or suspension then you know there is a session with Tony on the cards – it is definitely one to avoid! The sessions are horrible because they hurt but it needs to be done in order to compete and all of the squad accept that and get on with it. His sessions have really benefited the team and I am sure all of the boys would agree with me.

About the match against Stoke and his goals

It’s hard to come back in the Premier League and i’s even harder to come back from a two-goal deficit, which speaks volumes for our character and fitness. We are proving that we are not a walkover at this level and teams will have to work very hard to get a result against us. We want to stay in this division and we are giving it our best shot.

I was in the right place at the right time. It is always nice to score goals but it is a great feeling to score two in one game. The fact that those goals helped us clinch a draw made it particularly sweet. It is a game that I will remember for a very long time. The confidence has been high all season after last year and the result at Stoke will only have helped that.

Prior to the Arsenal game we had reeled off three draws in a row and whilst we would like to have got a win in one of those our team spirit is excellent and the belief is there within the squad. We think that we’re a good team and believe that we can get results at this level.

The interview was probably conducted prior to the Arsenal game, but I think it’s worth publishing anyway. Interesting statements about fitness and the team spirit. Keep it up, boys!


Jody Craddock - Fitness & Team Spirit On Top


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