Jody Craddock: We can survive

Veteran defender and striker Jody Craddock is reflecting on the match against Arsenal and looking forward to the Chelsea game:

We started well but gave away a poor goal and that gave Arsenal the emphasis to push the ball around. But the first 20 minutes was positive until they got sloppy goals which could have been avoided. If we’d stopped the first goal it could have been a different game. We were trying hard, we were trying to get back into that game but it was difficult.

We have another massive one coming up against Chelsea so we have to put this behind us and work to the next game. We can’t worry about the position we’re in, we should just keep playing the football. We can survive. We have a good bunch of lads who are hard working but we know it’s not going to be easy.

Edwards is very impressed with the Arsenal play

I’ve played international games and whatever and that’s by far the best team I’ve ever played against. They pass and move the ball so well and I am sure that the spectators here at Molineux won’t see a better team here this season. But as good as they were, we were responsible for our own downfall. We should have done better – the goals that cost us were our own fault.

Jody Craddock – It could have been a different game


~ by paddytheflea on November 9, 2009.

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