Matt Murray: I just felt a little bit of discomfort

Matt Murray received ovations from the crowd when he entered the Reserves game against Birmingham yesterday after being injured and in rehab for a year.

But the come-back was to be a short one as he had to walk out after only twenty-three minutes, feeling a ‘slight discomfort’ in the injured knee. The medical team thought that it was not good advice to let him carry on and play and didn’t take any risk on his recovery.

Matt Murray to to the official Wolves site

It’s frustrating because I wanted to play on particularly because there were people at the game but it’s better to be safe. The most important thing is completing my recovery – this was just another step on my rehabilitation and when you’ve been out for so long then these things can happen. I’ve been training well for the last three or four weeks and I’ve done my first warm-up for a game for a long time and that felt good.”

But I just felt a little bit of discomfort in the early stages and the medical team felt there was no point in trying to carry on and play the 90 minutes and take any risks. It’s better to take the precaution, see how things settle down and then carry on my rehab.

Looking at Matt Murrays career of injuries it was surely the right thing to do and we hope to see Matt play again as soon as he is fit to do so.



~ by paddytheflea on November 11, 2009.

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