McCarthy: 8 Premier matches a bit much for Elokobi

Mick Mccarthy today admitted to the E&S that playing George Elokobi so intensively in the Premier League recently was asking too much of the talented left back:

“We’ve probably asked too much of George. He came back from nine months out and Stephen Ward got injured after one game, so he played eight Premier League matches. It was a bit much for him.”

“I was having a discussion with the surgeon who operated on him and he said the fact he’s back playing now is remarkable. Very often it takes another season because you’re never 100 per cent straight away and yet George has been brilliant, fantastic.”

He wasn’t taken out to see how he reacts to being out of the team, but to give him a break. It’s been unfortunate – we lost Ward and Matt Hill has been injured as well – but I’ve been delighted with George for lots of things. He gives his all and he defends really well, but it’s just that little 10 per cent that you can’t get back straight away that he’s looking for. But the only way you get it back is by playing.

Paddy has noticed that here is an ongoing debate about George Elokobi among the Wolves followers and I think a majority of the supporters do agree with the manager on this. Sometimes it has been obvious that Elokobi doesn’t yet hold the skill and experience to cope with the fast wingers of the Premier. The problem is, though, that not many of our defenders do.

A solution perhaps would be to let Zubar play on the left back and Stearman on the right. Or – when Foley is match fit – put him on instead of Craddock. When Ward is back, though, I’m sure he will take back his left back position and have the others fighting about the right.


George Elokobi


~ by paddytheflea on November 11, 2009.

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