Trapattoni in interview: I’m not St Patrick

Giovanni Trapattoni – prolific manager for the Irish national team – talks to FIFA today – ahead of the two-tailed qualification clash against France.

About helping players to deal with the pressure psychologically. ‘Trap’ wants the players to learn the lesson and ‘steel’ themselves.

The psychological situation is important in important games – 10 seconds against Italy could have changed the situation. Okay, I expected Italy to beat Cyprus, but we drew the game and but for four or five minutes at the end, we could have won it. But football is like that.

‘Trap’ believes in his players skills and will not sell them short of the French world stars.

I’m not afraid about this team. I know the quality of the France players, but our players at their clubs play against Arsenal, against Manchester United. France achieved second place in the group like us and we were one of only five unbeaten teams. We have a few creative players – maybe France have more and other teams have more still. But football is concrete. We are not a theatre, La Scala or Madison Square Garden; it’s football. Football is ball, pitch, opponent and mentality, that’s football. Results are results, a show is a show and results are different to the show. That is our belief.”

Domenech, the French coach, believes in astrology and tarot, something that is far from Trapattoni’s faith

In the past, some managers have gone to tarot readers. But I am a believer and I believe in other things. He has his habits and I have my habits. Help yourself and God will help you as well. But I’m not God, I’m not St Patrick, I’m human.

Giovanni Trapattoni – I’m not God. I’m not St Patrick. I’m human


~ by paddytheflea on November 11, 2009.

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