Mick’s view: I thought big Chris was excellent against Stoke

Mick McCarthy talks about Wolves strikers to Birmingham Mail and he has a (very positive) view that could and will be questioned by many supporters and by the results so far of balls in the net from the striking department. Which, of course, Paddy will do.

I thought the strikers were great on Saturday and they put a real shift in. They did everything I asked of them. In the second half I asked them to play wide and try to rampage forward. Sylvan showed you how he reacted to being left out the Saturday before.”

How he walks to his car or talks to the lady in the dinner hall or wherever doesn’t matter. It’s how he reacts in a game and he was just terrific and he put a real shift in. He didn’t have any chances, though. As a centre-forward you rely on people giving you chances.

And I thought big Chris was excellent against Stoke. Chris did his job brilliantly and defended corners and free-kicks. Such demands come with playing at a higher standard than last term when Wolves looked to out-score and out-attack opponents.

I do prefer to play with two strikers, but who they might be and who we play in behind them might be slightly different now.

Looking at where the goals came from in the last two matches it’s a little strange to hear our manager talking up our strikers to the skies.
‘Putting a shift in’ – one of Micks favorite sayings from the last season – is well and good, but the fans demands more than that from our strikers.

Using the strikers in defensive roles – as Mick did with Iwelumo against Stoke – is understandable as he is tall and good in the air and the defense had the need of some help against a team like Arsenal. But how does that influence his play up front and the possibility of creating goals? Statistic shows that Iwelumo was equally much on his own half of the pitch as he was on Stokes. That is not an ideal situation for a striker if your looking to score and to win a match.

Using the strikers as winger can also be questioned in my opinion. We had a lack of presence in the penalty area against Arsenal and no chances at all in the second half. Does Mick really know what he is doing?

I wish that Mick would try to go back to the free flowing play Wolves performed in the beginning of last season. We need two wingers to cross the ball in to our strikers or they will not get any chances to score. I feel that Mick is complicating the play too much now and doesn’t play the team in a way so that they can use their skills and perform the best going forward. Use the pace of two wingers in counter-attack to penetrate the oppositions defense. That is my simple advice to Mick McCarthy.

Mick McCarthy – they were terrific and put a shift in


~ by paddytheflea on November 12, 2009.

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