Steve Bull’s view: Don’t like to see Wolves in bottom 3

The former star striker of Wolves says to E&S that he doesn’t like seeing Wolves among the bottom three in the league (well, who is?).

He thinks, though, that Wolves has what it takes to play in the Premier.

They might have lost 4-1, but I still saw more than enough against Arsenal to suggest that Wolves are capable of playing at Premier League level this season. Give two ‘soft’ goals away to a team like that though and the game’s gone – it’s as simple as that. What made Saturday evening all the more exasperating was the fact that those goals came from just the kind of silly defensive error that I thought had been wiped out.

Bully points out that it is very important for Wolves to climb a few steps in the league to attract players in the January window. He ponders about what position it is necessary to strengthen.

Maybe a week or two ago, we might have thought that one of the positions which Mick might look into at the turn of the year would be at left-back, but I thought that Richard Stearman was very impressive in that role against Arsenal. The Gunners have some of the trickiest wing-men in the game at their disposal, but I thought that Stearman stood up particularly well against them. Especially so, if you consider that he was supposedly a centre-back playing out of position.

Bully admires Nenad Milijas as a footballer and hopes that he will get playing time against Chelsea.

Whether Nenad Milijas gets a start or not at Chelsea will also be a matter of some debate – but I think that he’d be worth the gamble. For my money, the Serbian is one of the best ‘ball’ players at the club – he’s just struggling to adjust to the ultra-fast pace of the English game. If he looked a little exposed at times against Arsenal last week, it’s arguably because they’re one of the best teams in the world at passing and moving the ball dazzlingly quickly – as Wolves discovered.

Paddy agrees with Bully about almost everything he says. I think Milijas will adjust to the pace soon and become good. One of my supporter mates pointed out to me that playing Stearman and Zubar in their “wrong sides” of the pitch was probable because Mick wanted them to have their best foot available when chasing the speedy Arsenal wingers towards their own goal. I think that sounds like a strike of genius from our manager. But I still beg to differ about striker on the wings and in the defense (see earlier article today).



Steve Bull


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