Zubar: Keogh must not score against France

In a friendly banter about the clash between Republic of Ireland and France tomorrow Ronald Zubar and Stephen Ward voices their views about the big game to come (from Wolves World).

Ward:I feel Ireland have got a great chance. If we can get a result at home to take out to Paris the French crowd can sometimes not be too happy if their team are struggling. If we can go there with a lead then I reckon we’ll definitely get through.

Zubar:At Croke Park there can be 80,000 spectators and they will obviously pile the pressure onto the French team. And if we don’t get a decent result in Ireland it will be difficult because the fans aren’t too happy at the moment. If we go back to Paris and don’t get a goal within the first 15 minutes the crowd might turn on the coach and the team.

Ward: “There is the fact that you’ve got the world class players though. Although we’ve got the advantage of Croke Park and perhaps we’re more of a team. I think France might get a surprise when they get back to Paris and there’s like 50,000 Irish people in the stadium. Last time we played in France there was more Irish people in there than French!

Zubar:This is true. All the Irish fans came over to buy tickets! They are crazy – so passionate about their team. It will be important to keep them at bay particularly for the first half when they will be pressing. Anything like 0-0 would be a good result for France in Ireland.

Ward:Maybe Zubes should be in the squad. Get him in there!

Zubar:Up against Doyle and Keogh!

Ward:Yes if Doyler scores against the French Zubes will never hear the end of it!

Zubar:They’ve not said too much about it to be really, not been asking me for information. The gaffer has though!

Ward: It’s strange that we’ve not really spoken about the game too much until now. We’ve all been concentrating on Wolves!

Zubar: Of course I want France to win but the other main thing is that Keogh must not score. Anyone but Keogh! I’d never hear the end of it if he did. I’m going to back to Paris for the weekend and will meet up with some friends from Marseille to watch the game. We’ll be enjoying the victory yes Wardy?

Ward: No way! Fingers crossed for Ireland! A prediction? I reckon we’ll win 1-0 in the first leg and get a goalless draw in Paris. So Ireland through! Ronald?

Zubar:France to win! A 1-1 draw in Ireland and France to win at home.

Well, we will know tomorrow night who will have the bragging rights in Wolves.

Wardy and Zubes – Who will have the bragging rights?


~ by paddytheflea on November 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Zubar: Keogh must not score against France”

  1. cheers Paddy.
    I’ll keep reading and commenting!

    • O.K. Cheers Louie. You do that. Always nice to hear from other fans and bloggers as well.

      I will erase our last two comments, thou, as I don’t want everybody to know everything 😆

  2. Good idea. How long have you been blogging?

    • Only for about three months, Louie. But I’ve been busy as a flea with over three hundred posts – that’s about 100 per month and over 3 a day. Not bad for a flea, eh?

      • That is not bad at all. I don’t think I have enough time to do that many, but if I can get in around 20 a month I’m happy.

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