Doyle in interview: I would like to follow in heroes footsteps

Kevin Doyle – the Wolves and Republic Of Ireland international – has talked to Peter Fraser for a promotion of the EA SPORTS FIFA 10 about his footballing life, the World Cup and how it is like playing for Wolves.

The reason I’m playing football is because Ireland got to the World Cup at Italia ’90 and USA ’94. To get there myself would be amazing. I’m 26, so after this there will be another chance, at most, but that all depends on form and fitness. Now is the chance to really take it. I’m glad that I’ll know either way because I’ve been talking about it and playing in it for two years building up to this. I’m looking forward to finding out either way.

I remember sitting and watching previous World Cups and the second they were over going out onto the lawn to play football. The biggest thing for Ireland at the 1990 World Cup was beating Romania in the penalty shoot-out when Paddy Bonner saved and David O’Leary scored the winner. The whole country came to a standstill to watch that.

It is going to a World Cup that cements your place in Irish sport. Playing in it you become a hero in Ireland. I would like to follow in their footsteps, people like Ray Houghton, people who have created magic moments in Irish sport. It would be nice to be given the opportunity to do that.

When I was 16 or 17, my brother-in-law and his mate found the odds about when I would play for my country. They got my dad involved and put a bit of money on. I’m not sure what it was, about 150 or 200/1, that I would make a competitive appearance for my country. That came true against Germany and it paid a nice few pounds I think. They didn’t seem to think I deserved a percentage, unfortunately!

About being offered the captaincy in the last match.

The captaincy was very surprising. Mr Trapattoni decided to make me captain, which was the biggest honour of my career so far. It was a friendly match, but that doesn’t matter to me. Whether I do it again or not, I’m just delighted to have done it. You could get thrown the armband on the pitch, but it’s not the same as leading the team out to the national anthem. Captaining your country is special and there are plenty of pictures, the armband and the jersey kept at home from that.

About the manager Giovanni Trapattoni

He has been excellent. What he says goes and there are no questions. He has won everything as a player and a manager more than once. When you listen to him or when he calls you in one-on-one to talk to you, which doesn’t happen much but he will say the odd word, you think about the players he has said that to. I think he has managed unbelievable players from (Michel) Platini to Robert Baggio, some of the best players to play football. For me, that is a privilege and you try to take in as much as possible.

He is very lively. He really tries to get his point across in maybe the Italian way. At first you think, ‘he is getting angry here’. But it’s not and 30 seconds later he is back smiles and calm. It is just getting used to that different personality.

About playing for Wolves

I don’t think I could have afforded to stay at Reading in the Championship for another year. With it being a World Cup year, it was imperative that I moved back to the Premier League and to be fit and play well. So far, so good and I have enjoyed my time at Wolves.

The players are all young, I am one of the oldest at 26, which is very strange. It has been excellent. The manager and everyone has made it very easy for me. I played for Reading for four years and had loads of success so it was difficult leaving them, but I have come to a club where everyone seems to be grounded and just want to do well for each other. They have really brought me on another step.

Good luck tonight, Kevin!
Kevin Doyle – on top tonight for his Ireland


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