Doyle played 70 minutes when Ireland lost

The Republic Of Ireland played a good first half but lost out to France at home in Croke Park backed by a crowd of 82.300 visitors with 1-0. The goal came two minutes after Doyle was substituted from Anelka – and it was deflected before it went in the goal with no chance for Given.

Kevin Doyle was – as was already known – in the starting eleven. But Andy Keogh didn’t even sit on the bench. Doyle did very well in the match and had a couple of half chances that deserved a better destiny.

He was very active and got many passes from his team mates in midfield and also served some very good passes to Keane and the wingers. He also went down to pick the ball up the field on many occasions.

He must have ran miles tonight and was probably substituted because of that. I think he was one of the best in the Irish team, but sadly that did count for nothing as they lost. The Irish now will face a very difficult second leg at Stade de France.

Doyle to Sky Sports:

We have to score to win game. We go to France needing a goal. If not two goals, then one to get into extra time and then we’ll see what happens. ‘It was so close tonight. Their goal was not even a half chance, it was a lucky deflection. We had a few chances we made ourselves but just couldn’t score. It’s half-time and we have another game to go in Paris. We have gone to Italy against the world champions and we got a goal so why not in France?

Sky Sports named Wolves striker Kevin Doyle man of the match.

Kevin Doyle – no luck for the Irish tonight


~ by paddytheflea on November 15, 2009.

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