Chelsea: Drogba out for 3 weeks with broken rib

They are falling like snowflakes, the players from London Town. The last one on the list is star Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba. Scans revealed today that he has a broken rib and will be out for three weeks. That does of course mean that we don’t have to worry about his strength in the area come Saturday.

Drogba must have got the injury already against United. A not so funny thing is that the medics at the Ivory Coast spotted it and not the ones at Chelsea. Maybe they should spend a little bit more on their medical crew?

With a Wolves view – I’m not gloating, I really wish Drogba a swift recovery –  it looks better and better! I’m starting to believe that Wolves actually can get something out of the game at Stamford Bridge. If Chelsea believes that they can walk away easy with a second tier crew on the pitch against Wolves they are mistaken. Go for it Wolves!

(P.S. I’ve got a VIDEO of Edwards goal against Scotland on main page. Click above the Wolves head and scroll to go there. It’s brilliant! D.S.)

Drogba the moment after injury


~ by paddytheflea on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “Chelsea: Drogba out for 3 weeks with broken rib”

  1. why is evans not getting charged for his this assault on drogba… adebayor was…. if you ask me, double standards!!!!! so unfair.

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