Craddock ahead of Chelsea clash: We have nothing to lose

The Wolves veteran defender/striker Jody Craddock is looking forward to the clash against Chelsea on Stamford Bridge. The official page has talked to him about meeting Chelsea and how he sees on being left out on the sidelines.

Chelsea is another big game and another tough game. But this is the reason why we all wanted to come and play in the Premier League to play against teams like this. Of course it’s difficult but it’s another good experience and we’ll be going down there ready to give it everything we’ve got. We showed for half an hour against Arsenal when I thought we were comfortable that we can play against the top teams. It’s a matter of continuing that and making sure that if we do concede we stay together and don’t get disjointed and keep doing what we were doing before.

It’s still fantastic for me personally to have a chance of being involved against these sort of teams and the strikers Chelsea have who are world class. It’s what I enjoy doing and you have to relish the challenge. Anything can happen in a game of football even when you play a top team. We’ll be the underdogs and have got nothing to lose so we might as well go there and go for it.

To be left out of the starting eleven

It’s about being patient on the sidelines for any of us when we are not in the team. I had to wait my turn after getting injured and I’m sure Kevin (Foley) and the other lads trying to get in will be the same. They all train hard and go about things in the right way because they know that their time will come around again – I probably know that more than anyone! Then it’s a case of making sure you take that chance when it comes along. The players trying to get into the team are still supportive of those who are playing and that’s massively important.

We’ve got a big squad which is needed at this level particularly when you pick up injuries and we know that at any time someone can step in and do a decent job. That’s good to know from the gaffer’s point of view, that if someone gets injured or loses their form someone else can come straight in.”

It’s a little bit different at the training grounds on International breaks

There was a reserve game for some of the lads last week while a few of us carry on training to keep ticking over. It’s always a bit different in an international break and we get maybe an extra day off but now those of us not away are back in and ready to kick on for the weekend.

Glad to hear that Jody is up and running and looking forward to be playing on Stamford Bridge. It’s a difficult match for Wolves, of course. But at the same time It’s absolutely no pressure on the lads. Nobody are counting on that Wolves will take something out of this game – probably Wolves hardest of this season – so let’s enjoy and think about it as a treat. Bring them on!

Jody Craddock - now fit and ready to take on Chelsea


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