Statistics reveals: Henry runs further than Gerrard and Rooney

E&S today presents statistics from the fantastic programme that Wolves has purchased. There you can monitor the players performance on many variables. Henry ran 12,686 metres (seven miles, 1635 yards) in the 1-1 draw against Villa. Liverpool midfielder Gerrard’s reported stats are 11,790m and Rooney’s 11.820 metres.

Prozone is the name of the company that provides the statistics and Wolves can swap corresponding information with opponents and compare data against a Premier League average.

Analyst  James Lovell in Wolves:

Karl and Dave Edwards are usually the two near the top of the list in terms of distance covered, which is probably understandable given their positions in the team. Michael Kightly didn’t cover the same overall distance as Karl, but he did travel 1,500m at high intensity.

Interesting! I hope Wolves as a team and the players have the ability to benefit from these analysis.

A picture of a screen image from the Prozone programme


~ by paddytheflea on November 17, 2009.

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