Head to head stats: Craddock (Wolves) v Terry (Chelsea)

Paddytheflea’s statistics are back. As I’ve stated before I believe that statistics can reveal interesting things about the strength and weaknesses of the players and give a deeper insight into them and how they and their team play.

I will do a few brief statistical comparisons between Chelsea and Wolves players ahead of the clash on Saturday at Stamford Bridge. I’ll start with the representatives from the back line of the teams.

Jody Craddock, 34, is a Wolvesveteran. He has played in Wolves for six years and has been very solid in the Premier League so far. He was in Barclay’s ‘Team of The Week’ a couple of weeks ago and the partnership with Christophe Berra looks good. Craddock has played eight matches for Wolves this season.

John Terry, 28, has played for Chelsea his whole career. He is captain of the team and also for England. He has won more awards as an individual that I could count and as a member of the Chelsea team he has of course also been very successful. He is regarded as the best centre-back in England. He has played twelve matches for Chelsea this season.

Let’s go to the statistics then and compare the centre-backs.

Season 2009-10
Craddock Terry
Fouls won and / conceded / % won
6 /12/33%
Tackles won and / lost / % won
11/2 /85%
Accurate passes % / Attacks created
59%  / 0
89%  / 7
Goals / Assists / Shots on goal
3  /0 / 3
1 / 0 / 3

To conceive fouls is inevitable for a centre back, but as I have said earlier Craddock has a very high percentage on that. But Terry is not far from. Gallas – who I compared Craddock with earlier – had 58% won. To give away fouls near the penalty area (or in it) is of course a negative and gives away chances to the opposing team.

When it comes to tackles both players are very good indeed. And Craddock excelled against Arsenal and have bettered his statistics since. He is not far from Terry’s 89% a percentage that must be one of the best in PL. Winning tackles is of course very essential for a centre back.

The passes are still Craddock’s Achilles heel, I’m afraid. The same low percentage as last and Terry has a percentage that is one percent better than Gallas. This must be an area of improvement for Craddock. But it is also important to realise that when playing in a team on the lower half of the tables you get pressured a lot more and will give away the ball more often. You will also hoof the ball up more on chance. But the difference is important and gives us interesting information about the differences in play between the players and between the teams.

I really love to look at the next row in the statistics. Three goals for Craddock in only eight matches with only three shot on goal. Terry has only mastered one goal in three shots. But it can be that he is not involved in set pieces in the opposing teams penalty area (maybe somebody can fill me in on that). No assists by any of them. Terry has seven attacks started by him – a  good number. But again it of course tells us that Chelsea often starts their attack from down the field while Wolves don’t do that as frequent. And when we do we tend to use Berra to take the ball up. Statistics says that Berra has created four attacks.

How can we sum this up? Craddock measures up very well against one of the best centre-backs in the world – if not the best. The only area that Terry is clearly better than Craddock is in his passing and in creating attacks for his team. Both can be explained by how the teams differ in play and the difference in pressure that is put on the teams and the defenses.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief statistical comparison. If you don’t agree with my analysis and interpretation of the statistics, make your own. I love to get comments on this, so don’t hesitate to write. I’ll be back with comparing two midfielders and two forwards later.



~ by paddytheflea on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Head to head stats: Craddock (Wolves) v Terry (Chelsea)”

  1. this is rubbish, u cannot comare craddock to terry ike what the fuck think u are. u think terry is better at passing the ball and creating attakcs ? how about defending terry is 5 X better then craddock, the same goes with the henry compard t essien :S there is no way in the world u can compare henry and essien, every [;au chelsea creates come from essien and the goals he produces and the defense he give chelsea and the passing

    • But comparing them is what I do, ben. WHere do you have the proof that Terry is 5 times better at defending? I know that Chelsea has very good statistics of not letting in goals lately, and that has probably much to do with Terry commanding the back four, but I don’t have these figures and ithis is of course hard to put in stats. I can only analyse from the stats I’ve got.

      All Chelsea creates comes from Essien? I doubt it. That’s not what the stats says about creating attacks. The goals he creates are often spectacular but 12 in 112 matches for you is hardly impressing. And at important things for a defending midfielder to excel in like tackling he is not better than Henry. But his passing is fantastic.

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