Irish Minister of Justice: I demand a replay!

Dermot Ahern – Irish Minister Of Justice – today officially demands a replay of the match against France, the Telegraph reports. Minister Ahern is a passionate football lover and of course passionate about justice as well. He reacts very strong to ‘Le Hands’ handling of the ball yesterday.

“They probably won’t grant it as we are minnows in world football but let’s put them on the spot. It’s the least we owe the thousands of devastated young fans around the country. Otherwise, if that result remains, it reinforces the view that if you cheat, you will win.”

“Thierry Henry has admitted handling the ball, claims he told the ref he handled it. Millions of people worldwide saw it was a blatant double handball – not to mention a double offside – and we should put the powers that be in the cosy world of Fifa on the spot and demand a replay.”

Assistant manager in Republic of Ireland and former football star Liam Brady also backed calls for a replay.

“For the dignity and integrity of football, we will go to France and play again. (Fifa president) Sepp Blatter goes on about fair play – let him reflect on what happened last night. Where is football going if a team is cheated out of fair play? Where are we going if this decision stands?”

Backing up the claim are probably even the French people as Le Monde in a poll asked – Does France deserve to be in South Africa?

An overwhelming number of voters said: “Non.”


~ by paddytheflea on November 19, 2009.

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