Micks View: The odds are we’re still bottom 3 after Chelsea

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy talked in a press conference today about the coming match against Chelsea and Wolves precarious position among the last three in the Prem.

If we stay together and be calm about things, don’t have a knee-jerk reaction and panic we’ll be OK. We’re down there and we’ve got to get out of it, but there’s something about being in there and fighting to get out as opposed to being just a point above and dreading going in it. It’s like you go into a game feeling ‘oh no, if we get beat, we’ll drop into the bottom three’ which is a negative thought. We just have to keep fighting and scrapping and that won’t change.

We could be sat like Burnley on 16 points and would all feel a lot better about ourselves. Anybody who wants to get really upset about being in the bottom three now – well the odds are we’ll still be there on Saturday when we play Chelsea. I’m not saying we will be, but the odds are that we’ll be there. Our opportunity will come against teams that we should be competing against and then we need to win. I kept saying last year that things can turn. When we had a bad run and everyone was upset I just said ‘let’s see what we end up with’.

The E&S asked if George Elokobi is in the news for Saturday

They’re all in the squad for Saturday. We’ll find out if George plays then.


~ by paddytheflea on November 19, 2009.

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