Mick McCarthy about the ethical issue the Republic Of Ireland incident awakes

Manager Mick McCarthy of Wolverhampton Wanderers – and former manager of the Republic Of Ireland national team – talked about the incident in the qualifying game between France and Ireland to the official Wolves site

“I was very proud of the Ireland team on Wednesday night, they were fantastic. They played exceptionally well and when you play as well as that, to lose in the way they did is even more annoying and frustrating. It happens in lots of games and to be honest I do support technology. I think the mantra that will come from it is that they’ll look at referees behind the goals but why didn’t we have one there already? They’d have seen what happened.”

“If you look at the referee’s position it’s difficult for him to see it. I think he could have walked across and asked the linesman but I know officials will say you give me offsides and throw-ins and I’ll make all the big decisions. And to watch a replay of the incident on Wednesday would have taken five seconds and it would have been ‘oh it was handball’. He’d have got booked, the game would have carried on and there could have been a real winner.”

“I’d like our game against Portsmouth to be replayed because that was handball. I’d like the game at Sunderland to be replayed because a few decisions there went against us and Villa, there was one there. I guess Stoke would want our game replayed because our goal was offside. It’s not going to happen though is it.”

“I can understand the Irish FA wanting to try and get the game replayed – the World Cup is a big thing. They’ll be feeling very sore, they were cheated out of it no question. But they’ve got no chance. Sometimes you make your point because you have to make your point. You make the stand that you want a replay but it’s not going to happen. You have to vent your spleen in the best way you possibly can and that’s it through the proper channels.”

“I’ve got loads of thoughts on the game – the incident, what’s happened and the aftermath. But I would like to hear Michel Platini’s opinion and Sepp Blatter’s opinion of it all. There are more influential people than me who have got more influential opinions and sway than I have.”

“The biggest loser for me is football because do you know what?. I’ve asked most of them around here and the saddest thing is that we would all have accepted the victory. Not one of us would have put our hands up and said that was handball, we don’t want that victory. I don’t think there’s one fan in the stadium who would argue with that and that’s probably a terrible indictment on us all.”

“I’ve refereed games in training and you can’t see everything and I’ve looked at the replays and am not condemning anybody. But in fact I’m probably condemning everyone in this room and everyone in football because we’d all have taken the victory. There will be those who will pontificate and will blame Thierry Henry and everyone else and yet they’d have all accepted it if it had been their country and their club. They might have a whinge about it saying it wasn’t right but they’ll still go and watch them and support them. Had we won the Championship from a decision like that would we have asked for a replay? I doubt it!

“When we got the decision against Stoke you saw my interview and I said ‘great – we’ve got one’. Until we get to a situation with goalline technology and replays then we are going to have to take it on the chin just like we’ve had to do here this season on several occasions. You can’t go back and look through all the games throughout the season which have hinged on a decision.

“We’ve had a few here, but it’s the magnitude involved in a game to get to the World Cup. It’s a hollow victory for France but it’s a victory nevertheless and they’ve qualified. I will say one thing though – whoever coined the phrase ‘luck of the Irish’ wants looking at by the way!


~ by paddytheflea on November 20, 2009.

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