Mick: We are envied by most playing against Chelsea

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy is turning things around as usual and thinks that Wolves are envied by most playing against league leaders Chelsea.

It’s an unenviable task and yet it’s a hugely enviable task because everyone wants to be doing it. Every team in the Championship would like to be in our position doing the same. How do we stop them? We go and play against them. I think they’re the strongest team at the moment but I always take the view that they will lose a game.”

We’re second bottom, we’re not fancied, we’re playing the best team – maybe the best in Europe and the best in the world – with the best players and best manager against a load of rookies who have just come up managed by someone who’s been in the Premier League for one season and had the sack. So there are a lot of things against us. But it’s a game of football. You know what? We might just get a handball go for us and win it and everyone will be bleating like hell! Will we take it? Of course we will. It’s football.”

I can’t give you a gameplan of how to beat Chelsea – people shouldn’t be so barmy to ask how we’re going to stop them because they can come up with something brilliant to beat teams far better than us. And you have to remember that Hull weren’t fancied to beat Tottenham or Arsenal away from home last season.

About the Chelsea manager Ancelotti

I’ve been impressed with him but he was hardly a rookie manager was he? He’s won the Champions League twice. I’m not surprised by their success and he’s got a group of players. They look like they did under Jose Mourinho after 12 months – a really happy bunch together and there’s no tittle-tattle coming out any more.”


~ by paddytheflea on November 20, 2009.

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