Wayne on Chelsea: All good runs have to come to an end

The Wolves official site today has talked with Wayne Hennessey about Chelseas prolific goalkeeper Petr Cech and the match on Saturday

Wales played the Czech Republic at the time when everyone was saying Petr Cech was the best keeper in the Premier League so it was great for me to come up against him. I got his shirt at the end which was a nice way to finish off my debut. He’s a fantastic goalkeeper who’s come back really strongly after the bad injury that he had.

And Chelsea have got an incredible record of keeping clean sheets at home this season – nine in a row is superb whatever level of football you’re playing. But all good runs have to come to an end at some time and we’ll be going there hoping to do that by getting a goal. To have that sort of defensive record proves that they are doing something really well but we can’t forget that we are a good team as well and going forward we can cause them problems. We can’t go there and not play our way.

“It’s going to be tough for us but at the same time going to play Chelsea is a game to be enjoyed. Hopefully we will give a good account of ourselves and come away with a result. If we didn’t believe in ourselves there wouldn’t be any point turning up and everyone is feeling good ahead of tomorrow. Funny things can happen in football and the lads showed for half an hour against Arsenal that we can compete against a top team.

Chelsea are obviously a great team when you look at them on paper and they’re doing really well this season and are in with a good shout of winning the title. But we’ll go there and do our stuff and just see if we can come back with a result.

It’s been interesting for me so far and we’ve seen as a team how we can get punished by the players in this league. I feel I’ve done ok so far and have obviously got the battle to try and keep the number one shirt here and try and help keep us up. We have conceded goals but there will be a lot of times in this league when you just have to put your hands up and say there’s nothing we could have done about that.

The lads in front of me have all done really well when they’ve been put to the test and what we’ve got to do is make sure we don’t concede goals through making mistakes.

Wayne uses to asses his performance after the matches with the new technique that the Prozone programme offers Wolves

I like to go back and watch the games again. As a player you always like to think of what you could have done better or differently Was that the best pass out from the back or throw? Should I have come for a cross or been in a different position? Have we had the right number of people in the wall for a free kick? It’s a case of looking at all different types of situations and see if you could have changed things. As they say you are only as good as your last game and there are always little things you can do to improve.

Talking about stats and data and things to improve. You don’t need fancy programmes like Prozone to analyse the play of Hennessey (but I sure would want it).

The available statistics when you compare Hennessey to Cech says that two out of three of Cech’s trough-outs or kick-outs reaches a Chelsea man, while only one out of three of Hennessey’s reaches a Wolves player. The difference is stunning! Shouldn’t you get 50% if you were blindfolded? (!)

I’ve checked out other keepers in not so successful teams as well and Hennessey stands out with only 1/3 to the right address. But it is harder finding a player of your own for the ‘lower’ teams. David James in Portsmouth has only about a 40% rate. I think that they kick the ball far up the field more often, maybe it is necessary, but I don’t think that it is good tactics.

Well. Don’t fool yourselves in thinking that Hennessey is not up to it because of this. He is a very good shot-stopper and has improved very much in play in the penalty area. But improvements can be made and this is one area, and i think he is on to it.


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