Jarvis the only bright light: Ratings Chelsea v Wolves

Well, well. Not what we had hoped for. More what we had feared and expected. But we made it easy for Chelsea to score with losing the ball at midfield and not defending good enough. But that was really just what to be expected.

We can not measure up to a team with world class players. Especially not in defence. Wolves did show that to us already against Arsenal and they did it again against Chelsea early on in the match. I will not try to give a report of the match to you. A wast majority has seen it already and I’m not the best at match reports. Go elsewhere for that. But I will give you ratings on the Wolves players. A subjective view as I have seen them play on TV.

Wayne Hennessey – 4
I’m sorry Wayne, but this is not good enough. Two goals was nothing to do about, but at least one of the two others was catch-able

Christophe Berra – 5
To slow and easy to fool. Chelsea did us a favor to show us that our main weakness is our defence

Jody Craddock – 4
Gave away too much and may be enough against the lower half, but not the upper half of the PL.

Richard Stearman – 6
Best in the back four today, but that is no merit. His heart in going forward gives him one point extra, not his skill.

Greg Halford – 5
Always mixes good and bad. Hot and cold. Can be a good player but has a long way to go. To many errors.

David Edwards – 7
One of the best in Wolves today. An in form midfielder who can defend and attack. Must be more clinical in both, though. But has come through as an accomplished Premier player.

Karl Henry – 6
Not one of his best performances, but holds his own in a very aggressive neighbourhood.

Segundo Castillo – 4
Never rated him and in this match he was awful

Andrew Surman – 6
A truly coming man. Still much to learn but he has both fighting spirit, pace and technical skills. But to inexperienced to really compete against Chelsea.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – 4
Had a header that could and maybe should have resulted. But that is all. Does not measure up to the demands of Premier League. Must show much more of power to get through the defences.

Matthew Jarvis – 8
The best player in Wolves today. Created three clearcut chances and the only one to threaten the Chelsea defence. With his pace, crosses and eye for the game he is the only player in Wolves that could play in the Chelsea team without making a fool of himself.

Michael Kightly – 4
Good of Mick to chose Jarvis instead of Kightly from start. Made no mark at all.

Andy Keogh – 5
The Wolves team had almost stopped trying when he came in. Had no weapon to launch against the Chelsea defence.

I look forward to your comments on my ratings. Paddy will perhaps launch a devise where you can put in your own ratings for next match if the technical difficulties can be mastered (I’m no whiz at that)




~ by paddytheflea on November 21, 2009.

13 Responses to “Jarvis the only bright light: Ratings Chelsea v Wolves”

  1. I heard Jarvis was our best player, I don’t think people are being fair to Wayne. He’s a top top keeper with a very bright future. Maybe he made a mistake but he will learn from them. I was disgusted with how Collymore talked about him. When he made a fantastic save, the other guy praised him while Collymore had nothing to say, what a mug!

    • Yes. Of course he is young one one of the most talented keepers in Brit football. No doubt about it. But the mistakes costs the team. But letting both Arsenal and Chelsea’s sharp shooters load and shoot from distance without a cover-up is also crap defending from the back line and the midfielders. Maybe they don’t expect that they have to take care of the players who are outside of the penalty area? They handle it to much like a Championship team in my opinion. We can’t let them stand there and handle the ball without attending to it. So i guess I’ve been a little bit too harsh against Hen’s. There are many to blame, really. But they were up against some of the best players in the world.

      My biggest hope for the future, though, is that Mick now know that he should play Jarvis from start. He has been our best player this season by a mile. Another hope is that the strikers can handle his crosses and net them. But maybe that is to much to ask for?!

  2. Yes, he has been one of our best players. That end product thing was a load of rubbish, he’s set up atleast 3 goals!

    i’ve noticed we don’t cover shots around the penalty area. So many goals have flown in from 20 yards out. In this league, the one’s who shoot usually score.

  3. Nice and accurate as usual Paddy. I was wondering whether you had thought about rating the manager as well? I think McCarthy needs to focus on keeping things a bit tighter, but it’s difficult to think how he’s gonna do it, particularly with our makeshift full backs (weren’t we supposed to be overflowing with talent in this area a couple of months ago??) and sluggish centre-halves. By the way, love the site – sorry to finicky but ‘defence’ is spelt with a ‘c’ unless you’re an american.

    • Thank you, Bob. I have some problems spelling sometimes. I have an american ‘spellosaurus’ in the blogprogram I use so I get a little bit confused sometimes. And I just saw I wrote that Surman was to experienced for PL, haha.

      Yes, I was pondering over giving McCarthy an overhauling with a rating, haha. But i save that to the next three matches. It’s hard to know what we should play in the back line really. I think Zubar being out injured was a big loss today. We really need him. And I want Foley back in the team. Maybe from left to right: Foley – Zubar – Berra – Stearman. But it is also the thing about playing a back four together as a team. We have already changed to much there and perhaps it is better to let them settle. But I really hope we will be active on the transfer market in January. But I also realise – or is it a faint hope – that the back four is not such a big problem against the lower teams of this league.

  4. Maybe Foley-Zubar-Berra-Mancienne Paddy?

    Mick has hinted on Mancienne starting there v Brum

    • Stearman has impressed Mick on left back, Louie. But if we look at the whole team we could have a nce team with Mancienne together with Henry on midfield:

      —- Hennessey —-
      Foley – Zubar – Berra – Stearman
      Edwards – Mancienne – Henry – Jarvis
      —– Keogh —-Doyle ——

      Milijas can shift with Keogh when appropriate according to play and standings.

  5. apart from the first goal wayne should have got to the rest having said that he had nothing in front of him and at times it must have seemed like the alomo as we stood off Chelsea and let them pass it around us and take their shots, castillo to me has more skill in one finger than henry has in the whole of his body-I thought it was to good to last how well he has played lately, blakey sorry not good enough for this league and has for doyle well for £6.5 million I expected a better return, we need a quality goal scorer + plus a quality defense to play with zuber.
    Chelsea are a great team but when you watch them all they do is pass to “their” players + they shoot on site of the goal something that we seem inept to do, we always have to make the extra pass and can’t pass to our players more than once.
    Basic’s – pass and play and when you catch site of goal SHOOT.
    Even if we win all our remainding matches home and away against the so called lesser teams it will be touch and go, having said that see you next sunday.#
    We are Wolves…..

    • Cannot fathom that you rate Castillo. I don’t find him good enough. And I do rate Doyle. He has been to alone against the defences, though, and he has been forced to play more as a midfielder than a striker. Just looked at Wolves passing in this match and it was very good by almost all (the big exception was Kightly with only 58% correct). But that is partly because Chelsea aloud them to in defence and midfield. We were no threat.

      But I really do agree with you about the shooting. Not many shots from our players. And, as you say, often a pass to much. Against the leser team we have to lead the play and place the ball on their half of the pitch. See you!

  6. Fair ratings Paddy. It was just so painful to watch the game today. I have no idea why we gave Chelsea so much room on the park – it was just embarrassing. I really don’t like slating players, but Craddock and Berra in the centre of our defence is a sure-fire route to relegation – too slow and limited in their defensive skills. Think we really need to sort this area out in the Jan window. You will know from my previous postings that I am a fan of Jarvis – thought he was the only real stand-out for Wolves and hope we see much more of him in the next few games. Surprised not to see Milijas today, although in that team today, not sure it would have made a blind bit of difference. Finally, I know he not fully fit yet, but can anybody tell me what the hell has happened to Kightly?

    • Yeah, I would have liked seeing Milijas as well. Find it a little bit strange that he didn’t come in when it was 3-0 and 4-0 and only two changes. Maybe he is saved for Birmingham and the lesser teams. He could have a great impact against them. Kightly. Yes. Very strange. I suggested too much weight-lifting and such things that makes him put on muscles but lose his pace. But I don’t know. Maybe in the head? Trying to hard?! Or he has really reached his limit and is not good enough for the PL, but I was very sure he was last season. I would vote for a mental bloc. They must ‘un-dramatise’ it somehow. Tell him it is a non-league game. 😆

  7. I agree only Jarvis and Edwards stood out.The other players played with so much fear that the game was lost from the kick off. The longer we go without a win the UNBELIEF gets bigger I am afraid. This just adds to the pressure on each game. Shore up the defence is a must in January. Stick to playing two wingers to create the chances. Players have to believe in themselves.

    • As I said below I do think that we have been strengthened by playing Arsenal and Chelsea, despite big losses. I don’t know about two wingers as long as Kightly is totally out of form. He had a correct passing rate of 58& latest. Everybody else had over 75%. Something is very wrong with Kightly and I think we should rest him. We can and should win against Birmingham at home. We are the better team. My only fear is if they get the first goal and go 11 behind the ball as they did against Fulham. We must not let the first in, simple as that.

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