Probable line-ups: Chelsea v Wolves

It’s not easy to pick the teams for the match between Chelsea and Wolves at Stamford Bridge tomorrow. Chelsea has got a lot of injuries of players who usually are to be seen in their starting eleven. Wolves has got many of previous injured players back now and McCarthy has got a lot of players to choose from.

Chelsea play with a formation that is usually described as 4-3-1-2. But maybe 4-1-2-1-2 is a better description of the players position. But the positioning is actually not so different from a 4-4-2 with a defensive and an offensive midfielder. The skill of the opponent decides if it looks more like a 4-3-3 than a 4-4-2.

Wolves has played a traditional 4-4-2 now in many matches. Even against Arsenal, so I think that Mick will stay with that. And maybe that’s for the best as the players knows what to do in that kind of formation. They have yet to master the 4-5-1 i believe. And with one of the strikers helping out more in midfield (read Doyle) it’s actually very close to 4-5-1 anyway.

Here are the teams first elevens as I think they will look like. I have peeked a little at others for the Chelsea starting eleven and also at earlier matches. Essien has and can play all over midfield and in the back line, but Mikel seem to have his standard position in the middle.

I’m not totally certain that Ashley Cole will play from start. Maybe he will come in as a sub in second half?

The Wolves starting eleven is actually harder for me to pick. My own preferences comes in strongly. Zubar is not in the starting eleven because he has stretched a thigh muscle during training in the week. He is only in doubt, but I think Mick tries Foley from start. A good opportunity to play him in to the team.

I think Edwards is a better player than Castillo and he can play both defense and attack. But I’m not sure that McCarthy sees it that way. It can very well be that Castillo is playing.

I think Milijas did a good job last on the left flank. He created much in a short time. He has played for his national team in the week and done good so he will play.

Kightly (sorry ’bout the spelling on the ‘sheet’) has seen better days. But Mick still thinks he can come good. I’m not so sure, but hoping. I would prefer Jarvis, but I think Mick will play Kightly from start and have Jarvis on the bench. I think Mick has realised that Stearman is better than Elokobi. Finally. Kevin Doyle is a fighter. He will play.

Well. Here are the elevens I think will start. Comments? Post them!


~ by paddytheflea on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Probable line-ups: Chelsea v Wolves”

  1. I think you have probably got the midfield right although, like you, I would prefer to see Jarvis to Kightly. However, at least it gives Wolves a good option on the sub’s bench. I also think Keogh (playing just behind Ebanks-Blake) rather than a knackered Doyle might be more likely and not a bad way of bolstering the middle of the park. It would also mean that, in Doyle, we would have a real impact player to potentially bring on later in the game.

  2. I agree to that, oldkentbloke. It would be a treat to see what Keogh could do against Chelsea. And I’m not sure at all that I’ve got the midfield right. As I wrote in an earlier article I would really like to get a many as possible of the ‘creators’ on the pitch. But it might weaken the defense if we have Keogh, Jarvis and Milijas on the pitch at the same time, but two of them would be nice.

    I don’t have great hopes that we will get something out of this in points. But I think that our players will learn a lot and get the tempo up so that we can take points against the meetings with the lesser teams that are coming up soon.

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