Welcome to the dogfight!

Manager Mick McCarthy yesterday announced that Wolves now are in the relegation dogfight.

The reality was we’d have been expected to be in the bottom three after this weekend and we need to realise now that we are in a relegation dogfight. I’ve said to the lads that we’ve got to understand that now and not make any bones about it. We’ve got to go out and play against Birmingham, Bolton and Burnley like we have done in the other games and not like we’ve done today. Because we won’t be judged on how we do against the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea.

So welcome to the dogfight, my friends. Let’s forget the past two games and move on to the mega important games coming up against Birmingham and Bolton. Two B or not to be is a way to put it with a lousy travesty from a well known author, poet and play-write. We just got to win against Bolton and Birmingham or the relegation ghost will knock on our door. And if we let him in… well, ghosts are hard to get rid of once they’ve been invited.

But it is a well known fact that Wolves almost always win a dogfight. But Birmingham and Bolton are no puppies. Birmingham is on 12th place in the tables at the moment and won against Fulham yesterday and played draws against Manchester City and Liverpool. They are hard to beat but not so good away as at home. But five clean sheets is impressive and they seem to have got their play in order now.

Bolton lost to Chelsea with the same figures as Wolves did – but at home. And they lost big against Villa. But earlier on they managed to get a draw against Tottenham. They are now one place and one point above us in the tables but can advance today when they meet Blackburn – a weak away team – at home.

So the train leaves the station next Sunday and Wolves better be on it or this season will really take a bad turn. Beat two B or not to be. The season starts now!



~ by paddytheflea on November 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Welcome to the dogfight!”

  1. It was always the games against Hull and portsmoputh that were gonn alet us down.
    Easy start id rather have played them now not then


    • Agree. We had to many injuries then and the players are more used to the demands of the PL now. We would have been better off playing them now.

      • It is crucial not to give a first goal away to Birmingham. Fulham did that yesterday and all eleven of Birmingham was behind the ball defending for the rest of the match. They are very good at that and we must not at any price give them that advantage.

  2. Despite the performance yesterday, I have been pondering the basic quality of our squad. In short, we may not be world-beaters, but I find it hard to believe that the team ia really any worse than the squad at Bolton, Hull, Wigan and Portsmouth, etc. I also think that Mick (odd tactical error aside) is doing a reasonable job. Picking-up something you said yesterday, I think the current problem is a certain collective mental fragility. This seems especially to be the case when we go a goal down. Yesterday, we seemed like rabbits caught in the headlights for the first half an hour. I think they just need to gain a bit more self-belief and a certain mental toughness. The Bolton and Wigan results today have made me believe that we can escape relegation because there are other teams struggling who we could (and should) finish above.

    • I agree. I think we can measure up to the teams in the middle of the table in all but defence. But that’s no little thing, of course. We do show insecurity and fragility under pressure sometimes. But it’s easy to lose faith when we play against the big four.

      It will be a completely different ballgame against the teams coming om next. Birmingham and Bolton at home should be beatable for sure. And as you write there are other teams that are below our quality. I think the two last matches was a learning experience for the team and they will play better against the lesser teams than before because of these games.

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