Has Wolves improved their passing skills?

To have the skills to pass the ball correctly is vital to a teams success – both in going forward and defending. I’ve compiled percentages of correct passing for the team as a whole the last eight matches. The problems with the data is that it can be interpreted in lots of different ways.

Correct passing is dependent not only on the players skill but also on which team we meet, in which position the individual players are and a lot of other variables. But here are the data:

Fulham ——– 71,2 % correct passes
Sunderland —– 61,5 % ” ”
Portsmouth —– 72,9 % ” ”
Everton ——– 68,0 % ” ”
Aston Villa —— 66,7 % ” ”
Stoke ———- 65,5 % ” ”
Arsenal ——– 68,9 % ” ”
Chelsea ——– 77,6 % ” “

Funny enough the teams accurate passing percent was best against Chelsea. A team we lost to with 4-0. Can it be that they allowed us to pass the ball around – especially in the second half?

And the worst percentages was against Sunderland and Stoke. Can it be that these teams try to interrupt our passing play more than other teams as part of their tactics?

If we interpret the data to Wolves favor we could say that the three last matches points to a trend of better passing among the players. But in reality it is much to early to establish that the players – or some of them – has improved. It can – as I pointed out earlier – be other factors creating the fluctuations.

Maybe you have better interpretations to these figures than me. Please comment if you think you do.



~ by paddytheflea on November 23, 2009.

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