Loan Watch: Friend best among the poor

George Friend plays in Scunthorpe nowadays. It may very well be an important information, as he has changed clubs more times then I have changed socks the last couple of months.

Iron met Watford in the weekend at Vicarage Road and got beaten with three goals against nothing. George played the whole match in the left back position. He made a couple of blocks early on in the match and it seem that he went forward on his wing a couple of times. He seem to take the corners, but had no luck in that this time.

Manager Nigel Adkins in Scunthorpe had no niceties to say about the defending by the Iron at the press conference after the game:

We knew Watford were a good side, very lively and industrious in the centre of the park and having Henri Lansbury with us last year, we knew that. I thought their midfield were superb, their front two did very well, and the front five were excellent. But if we can’t defend a simple cross into the middle of the six-yard box then we’re not going to win games.”

Maybe the Wolves player Friend has to take a little of the blame for the poor defending as well, but the ratings in the Mirror after the match tells us that Friend receives a 6 for his performance while all the other defenders receives a 5. So maybe he can take pride in being the best defender in a very poor defending team?



~ by paddytheflea on November 23, 2009.

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