Wolves v Birmingham – stats on correct passing

Yesterday I published the percentages of correct passing for Wolves as a team for the latest eight games.

Today I will do the same for our next opponent at Molineux – Birmingham FC


Hull ————– 67,9 %
Bolton ———— 79,5 %
Burnley ———– 64,3 %
Arsenal ———– 74,5 %
Sunderland ——– 68,5 %
Manchester City —- 57,9 %
Liverpool ———- 57,8 %
Fulham FC ——— 57,0 %
Average for all 8 —- 63,6 %

Let’s look at the percentages for Wolves again to compare


Fulham FC ———-71,2 %
Sunderland ——— 61,5 %
Portsmouth ———– 72,9 %
Everton ———–—– 68,0 %
Aston Villa ———— 66,7 %
Stoke ———–——- 65,5 %
Arsenal ———–—– 68,9 %
Chelsea ———–—– 77,6 %
Average for all 8 —– 69,0%

First of all we can establish that Wolves are the better team at passing over all with 69% against 63,6%. As I’ve wrote in previous articles correct passing is essential both in going forward and in defending. To miss a pass in midfield can have disastrous consequences. We did see that against Chelsea before letting in the first goal.

Here we also can compare Birmingham and Wolves when meeting the same opponent. Fulham, for a start. Wins for both teams. Birmingham with an average of correct passes of only 57% is far from Wolves 71.2%. And yet they did win. How come? The Fulham manager spoke to the press after the game and said that they were the best team and had the pressure on the whole match. Birmingham were playing dirty and got eleven men behind the ball at all times. They probably just hoofed the ball up the pitch to release pressure for the defence. And they succeeded with that tactics.

But if we compare the games against Arsenal, Birmingham have a better percentage of correct passing than Wolves; 68,9% against 74,5%.
How come? It seems that Birmingham has the skills to play a fairly good passing game when they want to and they think that it is needed.

In the Birmingham percentages a regularity can be spotted. They seem to do better when their passing has a low rate of correctness (the exception is the Sunderland game). That is totally against what I have ‘preached’ about the importance of correct passing. How come?

This has probably to do with what I was saying earlier. It is part of their tactics against some teams to play a very defensive game with the only aim to wreck the opposing teams possibilities of an ordered play. And they seem to be very good at that.They are much better in that negative play than at playing a positive game themselves, apparently.

What can we learn from this then?
Firstly not ever to get a goal down on a team who knows how to play dirty and defend all over the pitch. Secondly. Wolves may have to use the same tactics to win against a negative playing team. But at the same time I do believe that we are better at holding the ball in the team and at correct passing and that will be to our advantage on Sunday.



Regardless of their dirty play – they will not win at Molineux


~ by paddytheflea on November 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Wolves v Birmingham – stats on correct passing”

  1. How incredibly short-sighted of you. I see Wolves fans our already making out this is like the league cup final for them as it was last season. It’s pathetic you really are a stupid bunch of fans if you think that this match has the credit to be called a derby. I guess that’s why they call you the Dogheads.

    • I’ve never mentioned the word ‘derby’. And I don’t remember last years meeting with you being like a league cup final. Maybe it seemed like that to you coming to a proper football ground with lots of people singing?! We have that every week at Molineux. It’s sad you don’t have that amount of dedicated followers. And you don’t want to know what we call you.

  2. Dirty play? :/

  3. have we got a heavy foul tally?/?? NO Have we got heavy bookings tally? NO. What you on about is the ability to defend dirty play. Strange minds u yam yams

    • What I am on about is that you lot don’t have a play of your own when you are winning or getting points. I’m not surprised that you cannot fill your seats. Negative football is not nice to look at. But I am very aware of that Wolves cannot play too positive either, then we will not stay in the Premier. We have to adjust to teams like you to get some points.

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