Kightly will not play against Birmingham and Bolton

Mick McCarthy said in his press conference today that Michael Kightly is alright after his injuries, but still has a ‘niggle’ in his knees, but apparently  he doesn’t seem to consider that to be a major concern. We will not see Kightly play the two upcoming matches.

He needs games, nothing else. His hip and his toe are alright, but I have to be honest, he’s still got a niggle in his knees. His knees get sore at times and they have been bothering him a little bit, but it’s not a major concern and won’t stop him playing. I would love to think he could have an impact in these two home games we’ve got now. But I still don’t think he’s ready for that yet or is quite up to the pace of the Premier League.

I put him on in the second half against Chelsea really just to give him a game and see him in action. But myself and him had a discussion on Monday and he agrees with me and feels the same as I do about it – he needs games.”

The statement to the press is very clear. Kigthly will not play against Birmingham and Bolton. It is of course very sad – both for Kites and for Wolves and us supporters.

Bit we have all seen that he has not reached up to his full potential when he has played. I really hope that McCarthy is right about Kightlys knee problem. That it is ‘just a niggle’. If this is what affects his play I would think it’s much more serious than a niggle. It’s a pity, a Kightly in form could really make a difference for the team, but we have to do without him for now.


~ by paddytheflea on November 25, 2009.

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