Starting eleven against Birmingham clear already?!

In the Reserves game yesterday many players with Premier League experience this season played. Almost all with experience that didn’t play from start against Chelsea played yesterday. As McCarthy explains it in the press conference:

I put a strong team out but it wasn’t to get points in the reserves league, that’s for sure. We had plenty of players who needed to play. Michael Mancienne had two games with the England Under-21s and Nenad Milijaš had had two internationals, but they needed to play with their team-mates here. George Elokobi, Matt Hill,Stepen Ward, Michel Kightly, Stefan Maierhofer and Andy Keogh all needed to play because they hadn’t played football together as a team for a while. They needed to get back playing for us because I want them in contention. Watching them train is fine, but they need to play in matches.

If we look into Mick McCarthy’s patterns of action in how he chooses the starting eleven earlier he has not chosen any player to the starting eleven that has played in the week before for the Reserves or the Development team (or any other match for that matter). The players playing in the Reserves game did it to maintain match fitness, for sure, but it was also a selection about who that will sit on the bench on Sunday.

And nobody except Ward came off before 90 minutes yesterday. Therefore it stands very clear to me that the first eleven against Birmingham will be the team that started against Chelsea – with the exception of Kevin Doyle – who didn’t play yesterday and was rested against Chelsea. The only question remaining now is if McCarthy will play 4-4-2- or 4-5-1 in my opinion.

In 4-5-1 the team will look like this:

———– Hennessey ———-
Halford – Craddock – Berra – Stearman
Edwards – Castillo – Henry – Surman – Jarvis
———— Doyle ———-

In 4-4-2 it will look like this:

———– Hennessey ———-
Halford – Craddock – Berra – Stearman
Edwards – Castillo – Henry – Jarvis
—–.– Doyle – Ebanks-Blake —–

I admit there are a few other variants of play. Maybe he will opt for Surman instead of Castillo in the 4-4-2 formation a.s.o. but I think I will get the starting eleven right this time after not being so successful last week.



EDIT: Sometimes it’s not good to be to fast in ones predictions. I forgot that Zubar was out against Chelsea and the Reserves game. He will very probable play instead of Halford in the right back position.


~ by paddytheflea on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Starting eleven against Birmingham clear already?!”

  1. Zubar in surely????

    • Hopefully if he is totally fit come Sunday, yes. A much better footballer than Halford for sure.

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