Stephen Ward: Hopefully I can play a part

The start of Stephen Ward yesterday after three months being out with injury was one of the big joys (were there any others?). He didn’t play in the position he made his last season, but he got some match training, which is the most important thing for now. And according to the match reports and this interview he did well and there were no set-backs.

My knee felt fine and good. It was a case of feeling my way back into the game and I didn’t want to go full pelt but everything I did felt fine. It’s another step to getting back. It’s been fine since I came back into training. I’ve had a couple of little niggles but I’ve felt fit and probably a lot fitter than I thought I’d be to be honest.

It’ll be just playing it by ear now. We’ll see how it reacts but hopefully it will be fine and I’ll come back in tomorrow and carry on training. It’s good to be back training with the lads.

You’d have to ask the gaffer about Sunday, it may be too early. I feel I’m fit but there’s no substitute for games and getting 60 minutes under my belt will be good. Although the result didn’t go our way it was good for me to get out there and get that in the bank.

If you get in the team you’ve just got to do your best and in fairness the lads that have been there have done well. Stears has done great in there over the last couple of games and George had done well before that. There’s plenty of competition in there and the position has changed around quite a bit due to injury and formation and so forth. I’m glad to be back and hopefully I can play a part.

There seems to have been a bit of doom and gloom over the last two or three weeks but at the end of the day we played two of the top four. It was unfortunate we didn’t get anything from the games but I’m not sure anyone would expect us to have done. The next two games now are massive and the ones we need to pick up points from starting on Sunday against Birmingham which we are very capable of doing.

I think Stephen Ward is our best on the left back if he finds the form he was in last season. And I think he eventually will take a place in the starting eleven. But not in the upcoming match against Birmingham. It comes to early for him.


~ by paddytheflea on November 25, 2009.

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