Henry in interview: We got to prove we can stay in this league

Wolves captain Karl Henry seem to want to emulate Stoke. At least when it comes to staying in the Premier and getting stronger year two

It will be a massive season for us if we can stay in this league. I feel the club will really kick on next season and go from strength to strength. I don’t think you can underestimate how important the points are. We have to go, work hard and play well for them. We’ve talked about the penalty decisions we haven’t had, we’re hoping they will even themselves out when we get a slice of luck. We got one at Stoke but for it to even itself out we need another four or five of those.


Commenting on manager McCarthy saying that Wolves cannot be considered a Premier League club yet

I think there’s a bit of both in it. I think we’ve taken to this league and not looked out of place. I understand what the gaffer is saying. We have to prove we can stay in this league and build on that next season like Stoke.

Karl Henry has a massive job and a big responsibility to push his team mates to the limit in the coming matches. He has also the most important position of all as defensive midfielder, in my opinion. Much of if Wolves will be successful or fail depends on his actions and rests on his shoulders. He is the one player that shall translate McCarthy’s instructions to the other players on the pitch and put at least a double shift in himself. Good luck with that, Karl!


~ by paddytheflea on November 26, 2009.

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