Extra ‘Tifo’ happening at Molineux on Sunday

There will be an extra ingredient for the fans at the Molineux on Sunday. The Italians use to call it ‘Tifo’ when the home team supporters use special equipment to highlight their teams colors and make a happening out of it.

On the seats of the Jack Harris and Stan Cullis Stands there will be flashcards in black and old gold with instructions. Hopefully this will create an even more electrifying atmosphere at the Molineux.

The creators of the happening – Paul and Tim King – explains to the official site:

It’s going to be the Battle of the Stands during the games against Birmingham and Bolton. It’s Part One this weekend with the Jack Harris and Stan Cullis Stands, and then Part Two for the Bolton game with the Billy Wright and Steve Bull – hopefully it will have a positive effect on the atmosphere ahead of a crucial game!

It will probably take three days or so for us to get all the cards on the seats, even with the number of volunteers we have got. We’re just a group of fans who are acting as a human resource to be honest, doing what we can with the club to help out.”

Sounds good! Let’s help them out on Sunday and against Bolton.

Fantastic Tifo at Marseille by Olympique fans


~ by paddytheflea on November 27, 2009.

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