McCarthy on Stearman: Richard was excellent against Chelsea

McCarthy has commended Richard Stearman for his part in the match against Chelsea to the degree that I’m certain that he will play on the left back on Sunday.

Richard was excellent. I’ve been really pleased with him playing at left back, he’s been comfortable in there. Before his injury he was one of our best players and then got injured. He’s since come back and performed really well. They’ve all shown that sort of determination, some better than others but that’s always going to be the case.

But is that just a subjective opinion of the manager or can we find any objective evidence that Stears really has done well? Let’s look at the Stats.

Stearman had a total of 84% correct passes against Chelsea. That is very good. Halford on the other side of defence had 72%. When it comes to tackles he had only one in the match, but he won it. He made seven clearances while Halford made only one.



If we look at these stats and compare them with the Chelsea left back we find that Ashley Cole has a 94% correct passing rate. He made no clearances (but then again he might not have had to).

We can conclude from the stats that Richard Stearman is an allround modern defender who can both clear the ball, make accurate passes and do some tackles. When looking at the stats he looks better than Halford, but of course not as good as Ashley Cole.

We can finally say that McCarthy is right in commending Stearman and praising his efforts and abilities.


~ by paddytheflea on November 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “McCarthy on Stearman: Richard was excellent against Chelsea”

  1. Well I am sure Mick will sleep far more soundly in the knowledge that you concur with his assessment…

    • I’m sorry that you misunderstood my article, astraltrader. I tried to objectively asses Stears abilities with stats. It’s not astrology, you know. You should step down to earth once in a while.

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