Mick McCarthy: I was interested in both their centre halves

Manager Mick McCarthy of Wolves talked on a press conference about the match against Birmingham on Sunday.

Asked about previous clashes against Birmingham and the derby aspect of the game McCarthy says:

“I don’t think anything from last season affects this game. You can take the derby aspect, the results against them, take everything away – Sunday is a Premier League game which is hugely important to both teams. I don’t think any of those other elements will have a bearing on who reacts best on Sunday.”

McCarthy is very impressed with the Birmingham defence

“They’ve been terrific, really solid. Their defensive record doesn’t surprise me because I was interested in both of the centre halves. They’ve been setting up differently recently though. To start with, they set up at 4-5-1 or 4-3-3, and it’s only maybe in the last five games that they’ve gone to 4-4-2. (the 4 latest, Paddys remark) It seemed to be there was a bit of hollering going on when they were 4-5-1 and they’ve changed to 4-4-2 and been a better side for it and been winning games.”


~ by paddytheflea on November 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Mick McCarthy: I was interested in both their centre halves”

  1. Yeah, I bet he hadn’t even heard of them before they started their good run of form this season. Fool. The sooner he goes the better.

    • It’s a fact that he was interested in them this summer, HiHoWolfie.
      It is easy to become edgy and mistrusting after matches against Arsenal and Chelsea, but you just hang in there, HiHo. Mick and the team will turn it around, I’m sure. And if you think Mick will quit or be kicked out this season you are a dreamer. He has built a terrific team and on Sunday it is harvest time!

      (But in reality I think you are a Birmingham WUM. Every fan of Wolves knows that we where interested in your defenders and nobody is that negative to Mick)

  2. Hihowolf you really are a numpty! Scott Dann we went in with a last minute bid and he was coming to us untill the Mcleish threw his toys out the pram and offered 20k per week, and Roger Johnson we’ve been linked to loads of times.

    Plus they were both 1st choice players for Coventry and Cardiff respectively last year, so unless MM doesnt bother scouting or even reading and opposing teams team sheets I think its pretty much impossible for him to not know who they are!

  3. Bearing in mind we had one of them at the mol for a medical, and a bid lodged for the other one I’d say HiHo is either misinformed or a baggie stirring.

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