Seb Larsson, Birmingham FC, in interview: It’s gonna be a tough game

I found a fresh interview in the Birmingham FC World Player that I have transcribed almost all of. It’s an interview with one of Birmingham’s best players in my opinion, Sebastian Larsson – their Seb. But he is of course playing on the right wing and could maybe be compared with Beckham in his style of play (not his skills, of course).

So this will serve as this weeks look at the opposition. He is very confident to get something of the match at Molineux, but what he doesn’t know is that he is hereby jinxed by Paddytheflea.

It feels more optimistic since the new owners came in. And obviously it has helped that we have got some good results on the pitch. It’s the main thing. We’ve been four games unbeaten now against quite good opposition and were happy with that.

I feel that we even could have had four wins if we had a bit of luck. We’re gonna try to continue this unbeaten streak on Sunday now. We’re not satisfied with four games so we take it on to five and even more.

What does that say about your confidence that you are not satisfied with being unbeaten in four games, but should have more?

Yeah, I know. It’s great for our confidence, really. As you said, It came in a good time when the new owners came in and we started playing and gained some points on the pitch and the whole thing just…together it worked well for us and…confidence is high now, we know we can do well and measure up to the big ones and, you know, we shouldn’t be afraid of anyone.

I suppose Sundays game is very similar (to their last against Fulham) as it’s against a team that’s in or around were you are at the moment?

Yeah, definitly. I mean, it’s a massive game for both teams. We wanna push on now. We wanna leave quite a few teams behind us. We got a few points down to the relegation zone now, but we want to make sure we rather climb the table than look behind us. We want to push up and do even better.

They took the top spot in the Championship last season, but we got four points from them. Does that change anything in the way you go into the game?

No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve played twice with Blues at Molineux and I’ve won one and drawn one, so I want to make sure we get another three points there and that obviously would be massive for us.”

But it’s gonna be a tough game. It’s a lot of pressure on them. They got a few points less than us, and they know that they can’t afford to lose to us.

When we won there a couple of years ago it was a fantastic game, wasn’t it?

Yeah, it was. It brings back great memories. So hopefully it will continue to be a nice play to go.

Have you thought about getting yourself on the score sheet again?

“Yeah, I feel that my own personal performance have upped the level. I think I’m getting closer to the level I was in at the last time we were in the Premiership and I said it all along that in the Premiership is where I can play my best football and especially this year when we can pass it around a bit and I feel that suits me. I think it’s going in the right direction.

Has playing with Steven Carr helped?

It’s nice to be consistent, you know, specially when you play out wide you want to work in relationship with someone and it has worked well for me and Carr. He’s got so much experience and it’s easy for me to play with him and try to learn off him and, you know, he keeps talking to you and he tells you where he wants you so it’s brilliant for me and I just got to try to learn as much as I can of him.

I surely don’t like when players from the opposing team say that they like to and look forward to go to Molineux and play. We got to change Larssons view about that. Starting on Sunday!


~ by paddytheflea on November 27, 2009.

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