Stears in interview: I feel I’ve done quite well

What a coincidence. I just wrote an article about Stears and here he is commenting about his own play and the match ahead. The interview is from E&S.

About Wolves position second from bottom in the league

It was all doom and gloom at Hull not too long ago, but they have put two or three results together and you can see what a difference it makes. They’ve taken a real jump out of the relegation zone from the bottom. That’s what we’re aiming to do by stringing a few results together.





About the recent matches against Arsenal and Chelsea

It’s given me confidence trying to subdue people like Joe Cole and Andrei Arshavin. We’re coming up against the best players in the world and from a personal point of view, I’m fighting my corner. I’ve been very happy with the way the past few games have gone. I’ve been asked to do a job at left-back and I feel I’ve done quite well.

About playing in the position of left back

I’ve played left-back before – one of many positions I played at Leicester, so it wasn’t completely alien to me. When I got the call, I was more than happy to fill in – as long as I’m on the pitch, I’m happy. It’s not completely natural to me but I’m learning with every game. I was able to adapt, I’m versatile enough to put in a performance there and I feel I’m repaying the gaffer’s faith in putting me in there.

About the match against Birmingham

But it’s not just about myself, there’s not much good in a few of the lads doing well if we’re not getting points on the board. It’s about the team and things haven’t gone too well so far. So we’re looking at Sunday’s game as a good chance to get three points. That’s what we’re looking to do and I’m just trying to help us do that.

We’ve played two of the big hitters in the last couple of weeks, but this is certainly a game we’re looking to get points from. We’re going to pick up the majority of our points from the teams in and around us. So if we’re taking points off the teams in similar positions to ourselves, then hopefully we can jump above them.

We managed to get a few decent results previous to these couple of defeats, but we’d have taken one win out of those three draws. On paper, the draws are good but we need the wins and that’s what we’re looking to get from the next couple of games.

Getting beat against anyone is tough to take – even more so if you concede a few goals as well. But people have got to understand that we’ve just been beaten by two of the best teams in the world. We’re new to this league so getting anything from either of them was always going to be a tough ask.

But, like always, we’ll go out there and try our best and hopefully against Birmingham that will be enough. We’re more looking forward than back. After what’s just happened, we’re determined to put things right and we’ve got a good chance against Blues on Sunday.


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