Vice Pres of Wolves wins Grammy

There are some Wolves supporters who knows that we have one of the most excellent singers and an icon of the 70’s among the heaviest of Wolves supporters. I’ve met him myself and he’s like anyone among us (and he surely wants to remain as such). A few months ago he received a Grammy – the biggest award to be given in music – together with his  singer friend Alison Krauss.

Paddy happens to be an an old Zeppelin fan – even before he knew that Robert Plant, our Vice Pres was one – that’s why I have included some of the best performances of Mr Plant and a Biography in this site for you to listen and watch.

I’ve made that even more public now by presenting my links on the site. Just scroll down after the 120 or so flags of my friends down the right sidebar and you will find a lot of links to Robert Plant And Led Zeppelin videos.

But I would love that you also read the biography with the links about Robert and Led Zeppelin to get a whiff of the 70’s. Enjoy- it’s free!


~ by paddytheflea on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Vice Pres of Wolves wins Grammy”

  1. keep up the good work paddy

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