A huge International interest for news about Wolves

Paddytheflea is very happy for the interest in the news he provides about Wolverhampton Wanderers. And it is not just supporters from all over Great Britain that wants to know about Wolves. But British visitors to the site are of course in majority. The stats reveals that two out of three visitors are logging in from Britain.

The visitors from USA comes second with seven percent of the total. Many of the visitors from America log on to Paddytheflea from the west coast. Are there still fans of Wolves left from the sixties when Wolves played there, or is it British citizens that has moved to the sun in California? The stats cannot show that, but Wolves has many followers there for sure.

The third biggest group of Paddy’s visitors are from Australia. They are about three percent of the total amount of visitors and spread all over the big country. And it is of course hard to say if these friends of Wolves from down under are Brits who has moved recently or if it is new supporters that Wolves has gained during their pre-season there.

The Scandinavian countries occupy the fourth place. Two and half percent of the total for Sweden, two percent for Norway and almost one for Denmark. These countries has their own Wolves supporter clubs and often comes to Wolverhampton to watch games.

After that comes Ireland and Canada with about one and half percent each in the total of visitors. And then we have five countries with about one percent of the visitors; India, Malta, Singapore, Holland and Malaysia.

But Paddytheflea have had visitors from 124 different countries and counting. We soon will be as big as the United Nations, haha. Some of the countries with few but dedicated Wolves followers are Greenland, Madagaskar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Falkland Islands, Antigua, Botswana and Taiwan. You can see all the nations and their flags if you click at the flag-counter down the right sidebar.

Paddytheflea are very thrilled about the international Wolves followers community. It is only big clubs who have the benefit of followers from all over the world. And this is a sure sign that Wolves are a big club.

I hope this will lift us up and bring some light to a dark time of year and a dark time for Wolves if we look at the tables. But the season will soon turn and the light will return because ‘Out Of Darkness Cometh Light!’,



~ by paddytheflea on November 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “A huge International interest for news about Wolves”

  1. Hi Paddy………I am from Malta….I like your website…we have quite a big Wolves following here in Malta including a fan club…we meet to watch the matches….Hope this season turns round for us…hate to go back to the championship….Keep it up, dear friend…ernest

    • Thank you, e frendo!
      I know that Wolves has a big fan club in Malta. Should have mentioned that in the article. Well, we can only hope that they will stay in the Premier. But it’s almost two thirds of the season left so everything is still possible.

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