Hahnemann: It was a wondergoal

Marcus Hahnemann was in goal for Wolves yesterday after sitting on the bench all season and had the not so nice experience of letting one in the net after only three minutes. But he could do nothing about the goal of course and he did a very good match.

We created some chances in the second half which is always important but to lose the game was disappointing. It was nice personally to be out playing again after a lot of time on the bench and training and it was good to get out there making a few saves. Every time the ball changes direction it can be really difficult for keepers but I managed to make maybe four or five decent saves.


In the first half everyone was frustrated because we just weren’t at it and in such a huge game as this we needed to be. It was a wonder goal right in the top corner – give the guy a hundred balls and he wouldn’t hit one better than that. We just couldn’t get close enough to them in the first half but at half time we managed to regroup and looked a lot better.

We were pushing forward and they hit us on a couple of breaks but Wardy (Stephen Ward) sprinted 80 yards and got a good block in. When that went wide I thought our luck had changed and we were going to sneak something at the end. It just didn’t quite happen for us though and now we’ve got another tough one next week against Bolton.

It’s never nice to get booed off by your own fans but that’s the way it goes. We’ll be back in today working hard and hoping to try and put this right next weekend.”

It will be interesting to see if Marcus will stay as the keeper of choice against Bolton or if McCarthy will take Hennessey back in the role of first keeper. My money is on Hahnemann.


~ by paddytheflea on November 30, 2009.

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