McCarthy: We’re looking at January as an opportunity

Already before the match yesterday against Birmingham FC manager Mick McCarthy told the Sunday Mercury that Wolves needs to get more experience in the team. And after yesterdays debacle it seem to be more needed than ever.

They’ve got Premiership experience and we tried to get Premiership experience and weren’t able to, for whatever reason. We’ve about 500 Premier League appearances in our team. I’ll bet Lee Bowyer and Stephen Carr have got that between them. That makes a difference.

We are looking at players, just like everybody else. The players Stoke signed last January had a huge impact and it can work like that. We are looking at January as an opportunity. Are those experienced players available in January? I don’t know but we will look. We couldn’t get them for whatever reason and it certainly is an ingredient that we could do with a bit more of.

We have Jody Craddock and Marcus Hahnemann around the place. Kevin Doyle has had two seasons in the Premiership, but other than that…add ours up we have 480 Premier League appearances among the whole lot of them. It’s a rough figure because some of those are Jody’s games for Sunderland. But it wouldn’t take a lot to add up to know that we have played only 13 games in the Premiership. Times that by 11, that’s 141, plus subs… we are at 160 appearances.

So effectively of 465 Premiership appearances, 160 are this season and 280 are just three players. So we could do with some more. Knowing how to handle the Premier League is something that three or four of their (Birminghams) players have got. They’ve been there and can handle it. We’ve got loads of desire, effort and work-rate but they seem to have that as well. It is controlling games with experienced players. They’ve done well for weeks and weeks.

It is good that Mick McCarthy and the team behind him are looking to strengthen the team in the January window. But it’s of course a pity that they did not succeed in doing so before the season started. But it is perhaps not as easy as some supporters suggest to get good experienced players to play for Wolves. Let’s hope that we will strike luck in the window coming up. I’m sure the crew at wolves will do everything in their powers to strengthen the team.



~ by paddytheflea on November 30, 2009.

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