Rumours: Hulse to Wolves?

There are romours on the net that Wolves are interested in the Derby County striker Rob Hulse.

Rob Hulse, 30, scored 15 goals last season for Derby and is a rather tall striker in the style that McCarthy likes. So it could be true that Wolves are interested in him. The asking price is said to be £3 millions.

Hulse recently came back from injury and has scored some goals after that. He has also scored for Blades when they were in the Premier.


~ by paddytheflea on November 30, 2009.

9 Responses to “Rumours: Hulse to Wolves?”

  1. Another mediocre championship striker who will get a big fat zero of goals in the Prem Paddy, so definitely just the person we would sign!

  2. I really hope this isn’t true. No disrespect to Hulse, but Doyle and Ebanks Blake are every bit as good, if not better. The issue Wolves have is not about the technical quality of our strikers, but (as I have suggested before), a certain psychological weakness / lack of confidence. The club need to devote more effort to instilling a sense of self-belief within the team; settling on a defensive line-up (for better or worse for the moment); and playing to our strengths, e.g. flying wingers (injuries aside). It’s far too early to give up on our current squad and I would urge all fans to draw a line under the last few games and get behind the team. If we don’t, the confidence won’t return, and no amount of January additions will fix what might then be a potentially ‘broken squad’.

    • In my opinion SEB and Doyle are very competent strikers, but their shortcomings are not related to a psychological weakness in the first place, but to the fact that they are to short and they don’t have the physique and power to go through a hard working PL defence. McCarthy has always had a soft spot for a target man. And with Iwelumo injured and Maierhofer not good enough Hulse is a natural choice. Nobody can say beforehand that he wouldn’t score. In theory he could open up some defences.

  3. oh my god, surely not true. We need a bit of experience and class in midfield and at the back, not another mediocre striker.

    I agree we should all get behind the team though oldken, one crap result against blues doesn’t make a season.

  4. Wolves and Hulse and £3M for a 30yo? – No way!
    As for ‘forgetting’ the last 3 results (oldkentbloke), I agree…to a point BUT whereas Arsenal and Chelsea are class sides conceding 4 goals per match seemed like capitulation for if we played to our potential, the scores would have been more respectable. As for the Brum game, we were just totally inept!
    Getting behind the team is what has been done all season and to what effect? 2 measly wins and a few draws – what else can supporters do?
    The support is NOT the problem, it is the team, the selection of that team and the manager’s tactics which as a whole ARE to blame!
    ‘Putting a shift in’ may be good enough for the Championship but it is way short of being good enough for the Premier League!
    McCarthy is the man in control, he chose the players he wanted at the club but then decides to leave them on the bench or ignore them completely meaning we are basically putting out a Championship team. Furthermore McCarthy’s PL record is abysmal and does not look like improving any time soon, does not instill confidence to either us or the players, does it?
    There are 2 questions here… 1. do we let McCarthy continue and find ourselves back in the Championship (for the chance of us actually staying in the PL even now is looking decidedly doubtful!) OR do we look for another manager with the necessary PL experience to try and save our season?
    Very difficult to decide either way as there will be those who will say ‘let him continue’ but will quickly go into hiding if he does take us down and there are those who would like to see McCarthy go but cannot put forward a suitable candidate to take his place – and when added to the ridiculous amount of time the Wolves board always seem to take when deciding upon a new manager, it will be August anyway!.
    So, a case of ‘heads you lose, tails you cannot win’ then!
    No doubt Morgan and Moxey will see it through and gracefully accept the outcome but how will the supporters take it?
    PS:- Kevin Keegan is available, plays football the right way BUT if given the cash, who would he bring in to bolster the team as some of his Newcastle buys were well short of PL material!

    • I don’t think McCarthy is to blame for the teams shortcomings. What is to blame is that we didn’t get enough quality in at the summer transfers. But as McCarthy has explained, they tried but failed.

      I think Morgan realises that it is not easy as a newcomer to the league to get the quality players to play for Wolves. And Morgan also realises that for a team to prosper they need stability and to play a bunch of players together for a long time.

      We have a young team that will develop and get better in time. Maybe not in time to stay in the PL, sadly enough. But I believe in the team and if only we could get a couple of quality players in we could compete at this level. So my tip is that McCarthy will stay on and I think that he can build a good team from these players with some additions.

      Keegan? Probably a great inspiration and a sensitive leader, but not a man to have in charge when the wind blows hard.

  5. Why not buy more players from Europe instead of lower divisions, from Italy and France. If i had to choose a player from a lower division, i would choose the argentinian on leeds. We should at least buy one striker, and look around in europe, one of the big clubs for loan deals.

  6. I think we should play Keogh and Ebanks Blake from start. Keogh played very well during the first half of the seson.

  7. Maierhofer hasn’t really got his chances yet.

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