Stephen Ward: It’s nothing to stop me from playing

Stephen Ward had not played in a league game since late August but came in against Birmingham FC yesterday to be one of the best in Wolves on the pitch. Perhaps that says something about the lack of quality in the team yesterday, but it certainly says something about the class and fighting spirit of Ward.

We know we let the gaffer and the fans down, because we’re the ones who wear the shirts and these are the games we need to win if we’re going to stay in the Premier League. We never performed and we weren’t good enough. We need to reflect on this game and talk through what we did, but then put it to the back of our minds.


We have to look at ourselves because it’s the 25-30 players in our squad who are going to keep us in this league. We know the first half performance wasn’t good enough, and although we improved in the second half, our overall performance wasn’t good enough.

I felt good and if you can play 60 minutes, the adrenalin gets you through the last 30. We’ll see how training goes. Hopefully I can add something and contribute from now to the end of the season. The knee felt good, but the adrenaline of playing in a game helped because I’ve been feeling it a bit in training, although it’s nothing to stop me from playing.


~ by paddytheflea on November 30, 2009.

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