Hahnemann: We’re trying our balls off out there

The, until last weekend, Reserves keeper of Wolves Marcus Hahnemann holds his hopes up and commends his fellow goalie Wayne Hennessey in an interview for the official site.

It was nice to get out and play, but I just wish it was under better circumstances. We’re a bit unlucky right now but we’ve got to pick our heads up and hopefully the crowd will stay behind us. It’s hard because when we put in a performance like that, they have the right to boo, but it makes it even harder for us sometimes. It might not look like it at times, but we’re trying our balls off out there and sometimes things just don’t work.

About his colleague Wayne Hennessey

Wayne has done nothing wrong – there’s no way anyone can fault him for anything. Things have happened and it was just nice to get a chance to play. When you’re playing Arsenal and Chelsea, you’re getting shots fired at you from all angles and it’s difficult. But he’ll have a break and come back stronger. He’s an awesome keeper, unbelievable. People forget that he’s still only 22 but he’s played 30 times for his country. No keepers do that by the time they’re 22, it just doesn’t happen. Most keepers haven’t played that often for their country until they’re 30. So for him to have played that much for Wales is pretty crazy.”

About the game against Bolton next weekend

We’ve got a huge game now against Bolton because they’re right in there with us. It’s going to be a big fight for us and we definitely need to be at it on Saturday otherwise we’re going to end up with nothing again. Everyone is down because we’ve dropped points where we should have picked them up and Sunday was one of those days. Everyone is really frustrated, but that’s good in a way because we need to figure out how we can put things right and gain that belief back. Hopefully we can build that back up this week because we’ve got a huge game on Saturday.


~ by paddytheflea on December 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hahnemann: We’re trying our balls off out there”

  1. Marcus did a great job and I hope he stays in the team. Unfortunately several of his team mates simply did not put their balls on the line – fact. You have to earn the right to play – that’s the minimum requirement every week – once you’ve won the battle then the football can flow. Too many cop-outs on Sunday – playing the ‘safe’ long ball – somehow we have to regain the confidence to be able to pass the bloody thing – the dwarfs up front ain’t never gonna turn thise hopeful punts into goal-scoring opportunities.

    • I agree that they didn’t play the ball on the ground enough to get a play of their own. The Birmingham midfield was to strong for Edwards and Henry to compete. The frequency of correct passes was low compared to what Edwards and Henry has done before. And – as you said – the high ball to our forwards does not work with Doyle and SEB. But I do think that they try their best. But it was not good enough against Birmingham. I’m not completely satisfied with Castillo, but he is a better passer than Edwards. And Zubar has to come back.

  2. when we “did” play the ball on the ground b’ham had no answer, trouble was we would play it on the ground for a couple of minutes then hoof it, midfield needs beefing up, we need a leader on the pitch (mike bailey)and when we get the ball any were near the oppositions goal-have a sodding shot! to many times we are looking for the extra pass, against Chelsea they were shooting on sight! thats what we need to be doing including doyle, sorry but for £6.5 million we need more than just running – we need goals! and 3 is not enough.

  3. I’m waiting for Maierhofer… i guess he would’ve come on last game if it wasn’t for Kights injury blow. We missed a strong striker against Birmingham. Some players, especially Mancienne played long ball. That’s not a good tactical move with players like Doyle and Blake, even though Ebanks Blake is very strong.

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