Stears: Plenty of games left to contest

Richard Stearman has been one of Wolves best players since he returned from injury in my opinion. He has talked to Wolves official site about the match against Birmingham and the upcoming match against Bolton.


There are still plenty of games left to contest. Obviously Birmingham was one that we had earmarked to pick some points off but now we have to push on and look toward the next game and put it right. It was a bit of a body blow to concede so early on, but I thought that we had a good go at them in the second-half. We had a few chances and maybe it could have been a different story on another day. Birmingham have got one of the best defensive records in the League and we gave them something to hang on to. It was always going to be an uphill battle if we conceded and it proved to be that way. It was like you would expect in the dressing room afterwards – we knew it wasn’t good enough, especially after that first-half showing.

About the game against Bolton Wanderers coming up

Bolton are down in the bottom three with us and it’s certainly one that we’ll be looking to take some points from. We just have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off after the Birmingham game be ready to go again.

About the return of Stephen Ward

I thought that Wardy was brilliant when he came on. He puts his heart and soul into every game and it was a welcome return for him.


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