The verdict: Kightly to the operation table

The Wolves winger Michael Kightly is out for at least six weeks as he has to go through an operation to fix his ancle.

Mick McCarthy:

Michael went to see the specialist today – he’s had a scan and it looks like he needs an operation. It looks like he will be out for six to eight weeks. Looking at it, we think he maybe got away with it lightly because he rolled it quite badly. Michael was really down about it yesterday, but now that he knows what he has to go through he has brightened up today.

Just as he was coming in to his own and regained the speed from the last season he was injured again. McCarthy says it’s a completely new injury and unrelated to the spur problem

Michael felt great as well, so it’s a real shame for us and for him. This is a key player we are talking about and we have not had him at all playing at his full potential for us this season. If fact Sunday was the first time we have seen him any where near that. I’m disappointed for him as well, because we thought he was somewhere near his best.

Michael Kightly – off to the operation table and rehab


~ by paddytheflea on December 1, 2009.

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