Loan Watch: Good ratings for Vokes in Leeds

The Leeds manager Grayson applauded his teams strength in depth after the match against Oldham, where he changed players in many positions and let some players take a rest.

We have nine games in a month, we’ve had four in 10 days and players need a rest. We have players who are performing for this club and we had the luxury of giving some of those a players a rest when we needed to because there is a lot of games.

Yorkshire Evening Post rated the players performances in the traditional way, and our man Sam Vokes actually got a pretty good estimate.

Failed to convert a number of good chances but linked up effectively with the players around him and got into the right positions. Should not feel too disheartened…7/10

Gradel – the loan from Leicester – who scored the first goal for Leeds and Becchio – who came in for Vokes – both got eights.

But because of the many matches that Leeds has to play and the strength in depth of their squad it is questionable that the Wolves loanee to Leeds will play from start in their next game, which will be at home against Huddersfield in the league on Saturday.

But he is not allowed to play the next game after that against Kettering in the FA Cup next Tuesday, so maybe Grayson will play him from start on Saturday after all. But if Grayson for some reason leaves Vokes out of the starting eleven I don’t think it’s because he is not pleased with Vokes performances.

Probably this is exactly what our young striker needs and when he comes back to Wolves in January he can be like a new signing to the team. We need a tall man up front and maybe that mans name is not Maierhofer nor Iwelumo, but Sam Vokes.


P.S. Mark Little played all match when Chesterfield lost to Crew in the Carling cup tonight. D.S.


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10 Responses to “Loan Watch: Good ratings for Vokes in Leeds”

  1. I was at the game and have no idea how the YEP thought his performance was a 7. He missed several one on ones and seemed lazy at times. His finishing is extremely poor. His control is good, as is his first touch, but he just isn’t a striker. I think if he was shifted back into midfield, he could benefit from it as he’ll never score enough goals to make it as a forward I’m afraid.

    Just my opinion, but for what it’s worth, I said the same about Alan Smith. You need a lot of natural ability to be a prolific goalscorer, and he simply hasn’t got it.

    I wish him luck all the same.

    • Hmm. I’ve heard that before from a Leedsfan. But Vokes as a midfielder? No! I do think he will come around scoring. If not for you so for us when he’s back again. Let him do all the mistakes he can now, haha. 😆

    • Just visited your site. Nice! But very fierce critique of Sam Vokes. I don’t know what to think of his performance any more. But to be able to be at the right place at the right time and have three clear cut chances in a match is an achievement in my opinion. The putting it together to score is of course essential, but, as I’ve said before, it could be nerves – some kind of stage-fright and temporary. I guess he would have got a ten from you if he had made a hat-trick? In that case your critique is wrong and the rating from YEP is right, if you get my point.

  2. Vokes has been a massive let down at Leeds, a team that’s flying creating chances and he just can’t produce. Becchio is twice the player young Sam is.

  3. I’ve seen all of his games for Leeds so far, including the Oldham win. I think Vokes falls into the category of ‘useful addition to the squad’ no more, no less. He shows some good touches but his heading and finishing need to improve if he is to become a regular starter even in league 1. He has time on his side, but he doesn’t look a natural front man.

  4. I’ve seen most of his games including the match at Oldham. It’s not just his poor finishing at Oldham. He is playing up front, in a team that is flying clear at the top of their league, scoring hatfulls of goals, and he has 1 in 8 or 9 starts.
    His touch is very good as reflecetd above, but he needs to score to be a striker. When Beckford is alongside him, Beckford gets all the chances, not Vokes. Against Oldham, he was upfront alone (or alongside a 4’6″ winger) so being the one with the chances in that game doesn’t really live up to your earlier point.
    He may get starts in a team without options like Beckford and Becchio, but that would rule him out of most top League one teams – and you are hoping to have him play in the Premiership!!
    He needs to work on his finishing, then prove somewhere that he is a striker with real ability. If he can do that, his good touch will then be more than a “but”.

    • He is working on his finishing right now, JB. And when he comes back to us he will hopefully be much better at it. He proved last season in the Championships that he is a striker with real abilities. He is young and will come good. It seem to me that you Leeds lads wants a Henry or Torres right away. It takes time to educate a good striker.

  5. Vokes is a natural goalscorer. He kept scoring from the bench last season for us. In a few years time he will be one of the biggest names in the premierleague. he’s a top footballer and can score.

  6. Sam Vokes is an amasing talent! He performed well upon nearly every given opportunity at wolves (can wait to have him back). He still a really young lad and has a lot to learn, but to judge a player on a mear handful of games is absurd! He a young lad with little game time and is thrusted into a team which is doing very well in a physical league. Can’t cut it in league 1! You must be joking, he bagged enough goals for Bournemouth when he was just 17 and performs consistantly well on the international stage. Your lucky to have him and he’s not your’s to have!

    • I think you have that the wrong way around. We’re not lucky to have him unless he is performing for us. That’s the purpose of the loan market for the receiving club. The mutual benefit is the loan players get game time away from their own club and develop further. In this instance, Wolves are getting the benefit of his game time, we are just blessed with the opportunity to nurture him for you.
      Some loans work the other way when the club getting the player get immediate impact. Vokes is compared with players like Gradel and Doyle who are wholly justifying their selection, so he naturally looks like the weakest of them.
      I can’t argue as to whether or not he’ll eventually turn out great – haven’t seen enough of him in 7 or 8 games. At Leeds so far, his finishing is below par even for L1. I’m really glad we’re nurturing him for you, but as fans that’s not what we care about. I understand why you care though, you have more interest in his future than we do – we want him producing now.

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