Mick: The goal after 3 minutes knocked the stuffing out of us

Mick McCarthy again addressed the match against Birmingham in the press conference today. But he also talked about the upcoming match and the games against Chelsea and Arsenal.

Sunday’s performance was really disappointing, a real low point. We conceded a goal after three minutes – we didn’t start well, they did. But let’s move onto Bolton because there is naff all we can do about the last one – and if we do worry about it, that will only make us feel anxious, defeatist. That’s all those things do. Beat Bolton and come Monday morning it will all be a brighter place around here and that’s what we’ve got to concentrate on.”

About the matches against the big four

What puts our performance into perspective was Chelsea against Arsenal. Why would we worry about getting beat 4-0 when they have just slaughtered Arsenal 3-0? Arsenal have done it to loads of other teams.

About the match against Birmingham

We picked up in the second half against Birmingham – it was a considerably different performance, that’s for sure and at the end we could have nicked something out of it. It would have been nicking something, but the fact they were still going to the very last shows you the determination and the spirit of the team. It was just that the goal after three minutes knocked the stuffing out of us.

That is setting the match into perspective, Mr Lalley! And to do it even more I could mention the good achievements by Wolves against teams like Wigan, Stoke, Everton and Aston Villa. Wolves is not defined by their last match alone.


~ by paddytheflea on December 2, 2009.

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