New injury blow for Matt Murray

In a press conference today Mick McCarthy and Steve Kemp revealed that the injury and rehabilitation time for Wolves keeper Matt Murray will be longer than expected earlier.

Matt won’t be fit until next year. We’re in December now obviously but it is going to be months. There’s no surgery required but he needs to get the knee sorted out and is going to be out for a few months.

It’s difficult for all players when they get injured but Matt will keep fighting on. He was at least happy that there was no further surgery needed.

Head of the medical department Steve Kemp

In light of the past complicatioms we have had with this injury we are making every effort to ensure this rehabilitation is sucessful this time,” he added. The positive side is that the injury doesn’t require surgery and after a short period of immobilisation Matt will shortly be able to begin his rehabilitation in earnist.

It is always difficult trying to put a timescale on things but we know it is going to take months rather than weeks and we are all fully behind Matt and will give him all the treatment and support required.

This is of course a big blow for Wolves and for Matt Murray himself. In a time when we need good news we get more of the bad. Another spoiled season for poor Matt.


~ by paddytheflea on December 2, 2009.

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