Paddy: John Lalley from E&S is feeble-minded

Mick McCarthy is responding to the negative writings from the press about his crew. Express & Star deemed out practically the whole troop yesterday and Mick defends his summer signings and the players that brought Wolves up from the Championship.

I was happy with the players we got in – and still am. “I’m not into lamenting what could have been. I was really delighted with what we brought in and it’s for us not to rue what we might, or could, or should have done, but make it work with what we’ve got. That’s the important thing.

Experience is great, but everyone was telling us last year – even though I know we were in a different league – how important experience is. And we did it and we won it.

There’s plenty of experience here, it’s just Premier League experience that we haven’t got lots of. But we have good players here and a good squad. And I’m not going to be bemoaning what I could or could not do. It’s up to us – the players and the staff to make it happen.

I think McCarthy is doing the right thing by standing by his players in a time like this. They are of course the clubs most important assets.

For many supporters, and rags like the Express & Star, Wolves are no better than their latest match, but you have to look further back than that and also longer into the future. Wolves has played some good matches this season with exactly the personnel that E&S condemns.

This Wolverhampton paper now follow the lowest instincts of their readers and bashes everything the team does. When the team assembles to get courage and raise their spirits as a collective after the early goal against Birmingham, the rag calls it a “thoroughly pointless bonding exercise”.

And they deem out skillful players like Matt Jarvis, Jody Craddock and Nenad Milijas, among others – or I should say all. They cannot even let the unfortunately injured Michael Kightly off the blow from their axe.
All – of course – to get more readers to their ads.

What a narrow-minded rag. In my world a local paper should support the local team. They should of course lay constructive critique of their play and actions, but not act in the total slashing way that their feeble-minded columnist John Lalley did yesterday.



~ by paddytheflea on December 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “Paddy: John Lalley from E&S is feeble-minded”

  1. Paddy I read your blog almost daily and pretty much always applaud its content. I also admire your belief that media institutions should rise above the mire and report facts rather than opinions… but this article of yours is little more than a distraction from the glaring issues that face WWFC

    Apart from one Kevin Doyle, Mick Mccarthy has brought nothing new to the side we didnt already have in the champs. We were outbid in the transfer and outgunned on the field by a Birmingham side that had less time (and theortically less in the bank) than us to prepare.

    E&S certainly cant be regarded a bastion of media integrity, but lets not ignore the giant championship bound black and gold elephant in the corner.

    • I certainly agree that to ignore the problems (and the elephant) would be foolish. But I don’t agree that McCarthy has brought nothing new. Firstly most of the players that took us up are now one year better and many of them has done an excellent job at Premier level. And I still believe that players like Milijas and Zubar can make a difference.

      I’m not sure that we were outbid economically in the transfers. You shouldn’t believe everything the papers write. 😆
      Outgunned – yes – but it was an awful start to a derby that distracted the play for the first half. Wolves didn’t/couldn’t play to their potential.

      I think that all we really need is one or two very competent and skilled inner midfielders who can stable play and at the same time make Wolves the playing side (opposed to hoofing) that we really are.

      I believe that the real difference between a Championship side and a Premier League ditto is the quality of the midfielders. If we can strengthen there in January, Wolves can become a much better side and compete with all of the other teams except the five or six best.

  2. Not very long ago, the Express and Star was deemed by many Wolves supporters to be in the back pocket of a certain Sir Jack Hayward, since there never seemed to be any criticism aimed at the club, regardless of what fun and games were going on either in the Wolves boardroom or on the pitch.
    Today an article appears in the paper that dares to criticise the squad, manager and the club, and all of a sudden it’s labelled a ‘narrow minded rag’ and the author a ‘feeble minded columnist’.
    For me, John Lalley hit a few home truths and sometimes the truth hurts. For once it wasn’t the same ol’training ground sound bite trotted out week after week. For once, an opinion was expressed in the local press. Long may it continue!
    For the record it’s called the Express and Star, not the Suppress and Starve and, no, I don’t work for said rag, yes, I am a die-hard Wolves supporter and, no, I don’t believe in booing the players off the pitch and similar antics.
    What I do believe in is the freedom to voice an opinion, especially when the Wolves are concerned.

    • I believe in voicing critique as well, of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t run a blog and make critique at the E&S. But they did go about it until they were blue in their faces and to make critique of everything is to make it of nothing. They didn’t succeed in pointing out what is wrong with the team and most of all they bashed each and everyone of the players (maybe with the exception of Doyle) and that made me really mad.

  3. The E&S may well be ‘rag’ but then perhaps it could be said that they all are, they have to sell newspapers after all!

    I believe that Mick McCarthy has done more than a good job in getting the club to the Premier League BUT the job in hand now IS TO STAY THERE…BUT even at this stage of the season it is looking highly unlikely that that will happen!
    Mick can spout, bleat or whatever, all he likes but he will be judged upon results and let’s make no mistake about it, football is about results!
    Last season we set about the opposition and won a hell of a lot of points early on, this in turn gave us some breathing space when our ‘bad patch’ arrived. What none of us were to realise was that this ‘bad patch’ would last for more than 3 months and this in the main was down to Mick.Fortunately every other team seemed incapable of doing anything about our bad form and ‘we got out of jail’.
    This season, now that the initial bubble of finding our feet has burst, we are once again suffering our ‘bad patch’ and just like last time McCarthy has no idea how to change things around!
    This is Mick’s biggest downfall. When things go right, his supposed input is to let things take their own course and not meddle but when things go wrong….calamity!
    Mick then welcomes anyone who will listen and all the excuses in the book are then paraded out – and we have heard them all before!
    Back in the boardroom, Messrs Morgan and Moxey are as distraught as everyone else I am sure but cannot display their feelings openly because they were the ones who employed Mick in the first place and dismissing him would only damage their credilbilty as employers. Needless to say, McCarthy will still be the manager come next season,of that I have no doubt… in the Championship!
    Rumours are abound that Gerard Houllier could be on his way to Molineux in some capacity. Whether this true or not, I have no idea but I for one would certainly welcome his input and should McCarthy not like the idea of having Houllier around, then hard cheese!
    No player is greater than a club and likewise a manager, so if Mick cannot produce the goods with the players he has brought in, then really there can only be 2 results – 1. McCarthy remains as manager and attempts to get us back in the Premier League OR 2. McCarthy is dismissed before it is too late to turn things around and let someone else do the job which it seems plainly obvious, he cannot do.
    I will certainly not be holding my breath awaiting his dismissal because I do not think Steve Morgan is brave enough to make that decision and he did say last season that he believed in continuation but then we are not Manchester United and McCarthy is not Sir Alex Ferguson is he – nor will he ever be like him!

    • I have no problem at all with critique of Mick McCarthy. Of course he has flaws and maybe he is not the man to lead the team in the Premier League. But every team has their ups and downs. I think the jury is still out on McCarthy and there will take more than one bad match to convince me that he is not the right man to lead Wolves.

      But my main complain about the E&S wasn’t their critique of Mick. They gave every player the rope, and frankly, that was what made me really pissed.

  4. Paddy, first of all wonderful site. Would love to see Wolves turn things around and Mick to be totally justified in his decisions. But having read the statistics that Mick has precided over 51 Premiership games and his record is won 4 drawn 8 and lost 39 the future certainly looks bleak

    • Thank you, marktipton.

      Yes, McCarthy has much to prove. But we have to remember that he didn’t have the resources in Sunderland to compete on equal terms with other teams. I do still think that we can have three teams beneath us come May. Maybe I’m a fool, but hope is the last thing that deserts man, they say. And I know that both Mick and the team is much better than the last match and the writings after it will give credit for. And there will always be another game. And after darkness…:lol:

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