The result from the recent poll

Paddytheflea held a poll recently about what parts of the Wolves team that should be addressed first hand in the transfer market in January.

The result when the small amount of 30 respondents has answered is:

We need to strengthen in:

Defence – 33 %
Midfield – 64 %
Forward – 3 %

I agree that the midfield area – the inner midfield and maybe a back-up to Jarvis and Kightly – should be the main area to fill in the transfer market. We need to stable the team and get players in that can compete with the best midfielders in the Premier League. Wolves couldn’t compete with the strong midfielders of Birmingham. This is a must for the future and i believe this will not only lead to better defending, but to a better equipped team in going forward as well. The strength of the midfield are the big difference between the Championship and the Premier League.



~ by paddytheflea on December 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “The result from the recent poll”

  1. No goals the problem, due to no creativity from midfield. Build around Milijas with midfield defensive options to add to his ability to produce opportunities.
    No point hoping for a cure in January, it won’t happen, so concentrate on making the most of what we have, and Milijas, albeit perhaps lazy at times, is a talent wasted at present. I’d hate to see him go.

    • I agree that Milijas is under-used and not used in the right way on occasions. I would like to see a midfield with – from left to right – Milijas – Henry – Castillo – Jarvis. With Jarvis and Milijas in the forward going roles. Milijas is of course not a winger, but he could be free to go in field from the left and he could find the forwards with neat crosses. But I still think we need to strengthen in January in midfield. I’m not totally satisfied with Henrys or Castillos work in the engine room.

  2. how do you feel about 4-3-3 against Bolton, with the front three being- Blakey, Doyle & the Hoff

    • Oh no! We need a strong midfield against Bolton and every team really. That is our weak point and we need at least four players in the middle. But if Doyler had a supportive role and actually played in midfield it would be O.K. But for that role I would chose Keogh instead. I think I would prefer Keogh and Doyle rather than SEB and Doyle in attack, actually. Keogh is much more involved in play and creative than SEB.

      But you’re absolutely right in a sense. We need a taller guy up front if we are hoofing up the ball in the air all the time. But I hope we will not play that way and I think that Hoff is not strong enough to hold the role of target player. Actually I favor Iwelumo over Hoff, but he is not out of rehab yet, unfortunately. But he will be a nice option in attack when he is fit.

  3. We need to utilize what we have effectively and start playing a regular starting 11 so they get used to playing with each other. I thought Mancienne was probably our best footballer in the first half against Birmingham and was the only player to play the ball on the floor. Our problems lie in creativity, i felt sorry for Ebankes against Birmingham, you could see his frustration at not getting the ball into his feet and football is a fical game he is judged on scoring goals but he is not receiving the ball to his feet to even have that opportunity to display what we as Wolves fans know and that is that he CAN scores goals in the Premiership and given the ball into his feet will do this. If we are to survive the premiership i think we need a left winger, an experienced centre back who knows about premier league pressure(sol cambell?) and i beleive we should be playing milijas as this is what is going to get hime used to the premiership not sitting on a bench.

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