Blatter of Fifa laughs at Republic Of Ireland proposal (Video)

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) withdrew the proposal of them of Ireland wanting to be the 33rd nation at the World Cup in South Africa, The Fifa President Blatter expressed remorse for his previous comments about the Irish proposal and said:

We have received a letter from the FAI withdrawing their demand to be accepted as team number 33. I would like to express my regrets to a wrong interpretation of what I said and to the FAI I’m sorry about the headlines going around the world. I have nothing against the Irish, they were very sporting when they came to Fifa.

Here you can see for your self how Blatter handled the now withdrawn proposal from the Irish in front of the world press

Irish chiefs yesterday attacked Blatter for making details of what they claim were private discussions public and for expressing empathy with the cheater Thierry Henry.

FAI made a lengthy statement:

The Football Association of Ireland acknowledges that the suggestion of an additional place at the World Cup is not a possibility and has requested yesterday that it will not be raised at today’s Fifa executive committee meeting.

The FAI has already clarified that this matter was peripheral, was not raised in any of its formal written submissions to Fifa and was explored only fleetingly as part of a wide-ranging 90-minute discussion with that body.

Regrettably, the matter appears to have been singled out in public by Mr Blatter despite his assurances that the meeting would remain private.

In line with the FAI the Fifa rejected a proposal to have the experimental system of five referees involved in every match fast-tracked for next summer’s tournament. Fifa will maintain one referee with two assistants and a fourth official for the finals. They will however open an inquiry into whether to bring in technology or have extra officials in the future.

Paddy thinks that Blatter and Fifa has handled (!) these questions very poorly. It’s time for that Blatter guy to step down. And they could very well put out two referee assistant more in the World Cup who looks at the goal line and offsides, handlings etc. in waiting for a final decision.


~ by paddytheflea on December 3, 2009.

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