Dave Edwards: We’ve got to have the tempo

Dave Edwards – midfielder in Wolves and Wales international – is talking about what went wrong against Birmingham and how they will rectify it in the game against Bolton to the official site.

Birmingham was a very disappointing performance from us from all parts of the pitch. It was a bad result. Maybe we put a bit too much pressure on ourselves to get a result and after such a bad start never got into the game. We need to relax a little bit more out there and find some confidence and hopefully it will be a much different performance from us against Bolton.

I’ve watched the DVD back a few times and it just looked like we weren’t quite on it and that our tempo wasn’t good and we weren’t closing down quickly enough. At times it seems like we were trying very hard and it wasn’t quite happening – it was one of those games when we seemed a million miles away even though the effort was still there.

We need to eradicate any bad thoughts or lack of confidence and make sure things are positive ahead of the game and go and put on a positive and adventurous performance going forward. We’ve got to have that tempo and go into tackles to force them to lose the ball. But when we’re in possession we have to just calm down a bit and not be 100 miles an hour and keep the ball and create something.

It looked like we were very rigid and one dimensional on Sunday and that’s not us – we’ve got footballers in the team who can pass the ball well rather than bashing it forward and trying to get on the end of knockdowns. It’s about getting back to basics, getting the ball and passing it, and cutting out these errors which we’re being punished for at the moment.

Comparing Wolves situation today to last season

Last season we needed over two points a game to win the league and this time it’s maybe an average 1.3 to stay up. That doesn’t seem as big as ask when you think about it but obviously the games are far tougher. We’re going into games with a different attitude as we can’t go at teams so much like we did last year otherwise we’d get picked off.

Early bird catches the worm

But if we could just get a goal early doors on Saturday it would breed so much confidence, get the fans right behind us and could set us up for a good performance. A win would lift the whole city if we could get it.

Saying that the effort is always there

We don’t go out there to play badly – we are always doing our best for the club, the manager, the fans, everyone. It’s never a case of us not trying, we are working our socks off in training and determined to make it happen on the pitch. We know there is always pressure on us as a football club from all sides but we’ve maybe got to forget that on the pitch and be cool and calm. We’ve got to enjoy that pressure and turn it into a positive so that we produce our best performance.

I think Dave Edwards analysis of what went wrong is largely correct. Let’s hope that he and the others has the right solution and will be able to play a good and fruitful game against Bolton.


~ by paddytheflea on December 3, 2009.

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